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  1. I used raw mode because it's the only way to get a "normal" behaviour of the throttle values, at least it moves, but between 255 and 83... Anyway, you must be right about a possible driver problem as I couldn't get my values normal -16 000 / + 16 000 . Thanks !
  2. Hi Pete, My setup has worked fine when I was using Windows XP but I've passed to Windows 7 and that's not so fine. I'm experiencing problems of axis throttle in FSX with my Saitek X45 device. It works properly in Windows 7 settings, but just doesn't with FSX. It's well installed with the correct driver for Windows 7 32 bits from Saitek, calibrated, and the windows game controller settings let me see a correct throttle axis behaviour from mini to maxi, with these values MINI = 255, MAXI = 83. With FSX control settings, I just can't get my throttle axis to work properly. I've a fresh FSX install with just FSUIPC and PMDG 737 NGX installed. At first glance and from what I see in FSX settings, the throttle axis is set with the actual throttle axis of my X45 device. But once in the cockpit, the throttle doesn't affect FSX in any way. So I decided to fix this with FSUIPC 4.70b. In axis assignments, with raw mode activated, I have the same in / out values displayed with a normal and progressive behaviour. It's detected as my S axis. I assigned it to FS as normal axis with "axis throttle set". In FSX, when throttle is already idle, I push to the max and only get mid-power set in FSX... and then it doesn't move from there. The same if I set full thrust with F4 key, and then uses my throttle device, it will reduce to mid power in one kick and doesn't control anymore the thrust lever. Any move of my throttle appears to apply directly in one kick mid-power and nothing more. At this time, I haven't used the joystick calibration page of FSUIPC and I removed the FSX control setting applied for throttle to let FSUIPC manage alone that value but that didn't make it better. Then I tried to use the direct to FSUIPC calibration assigning method. Still in raw mode, I assigned S axis to "throttle". Then I went to the joystick calibration page of FSUIPC, clicked SET to process the throttle axis. Positioned at idle, i can record the minimum value with the respective set button. Positioned at max position, i cannot record the maximum value although it is correctly read at he IN field. The maximum value remains +16380 value, which doesn't make the throttle works correctly in FSX.. I installed FS2004 and the problem is the same. Please help ! I'll bring you more details if you need so to understand my problem.
  3. Hi Pete, Yes you're right, my request is now useless in RC4 that can reloads the whole flight situation. Thanks. :D
  4. Hi, I remember a long time ago when we have in FSUIPC an option to tick than prevented FS to position the aircraft at a precise place, when loading a flight plan for instance. And if I'm correct, this FSUIPC option disappeared when FS9 included the inbuilt prompt asking if we accept or not to position the aircraft at the first point of the flight plan... I'd like this FSUIPC option to come back though, for instance when I have a problem with Radar Contact, I could load a previously saved flight situation (thanks to AutoSave) and then restart Radar Contact. It allows an in-flight recover "but" instantly slews me over the departure location... with such FSUIPC option I could prevent FS to slew me at restarting Radar Contact. I'll also post this at Radar Contact forum of course... Regards,
  5. Ok thanks for the screenshot though :roll:
  6. Hi, could someone post one or two screenshots of Air France AI aircrafts liveries from MT2006 please ? (in actual livery, i've found ones of the old livery). Previous versions of MT had scaring air france logos on some aircrafts from what i've seen on various screenshots here and there, and from a friend's setup. :roll:
  7. I believe this gauge is programmed since FS 2002 by Eric Marciano, the famous freewares A320/A330 panels author : http://emarciano.flightsimmer.com/ And now since FSUIPC 3 is out, this gauge only works with registered FSUIPC versions, maybe Eric Marciano will reprogram his gauge to include a auto registration freeware key for FSUIPC. It's up to him :wink:
  8. Just to inform ACSoft interested users reading this thread that the new version 2.48 of his MD 11 panel is fully working with FSUIPC non-registered and is released on his page : http://www.acsoft.ch/Flight_Simulator/Apanel.html
  9. Hep Hep calm down :lol: I guess developing gauges for FS is exactly as crazy as any programming activity. You want to manage, it's hard, you don't understand, you think hours and hours getting tired and nervous and finally you find what can make the trick. pfffuu wonderful. I hope the misunderstood words of tired developers won't cut the flight simmers to get a finalized weather radar gauge in Alain Capt's MD 11 panel. Remember how started the day this morning with the dialog method, it was comprehensive and progressing and the food had nothing to do with this :wink: Now I think Pete is away until monday, and Alain you have the time to look closely at your code issues. Take your time, and some distance. Maybe the solution is near and you don't see it because you worked too much today. You will manage another day, no hurry needed. Remember you have in your have in your hands the first freeware weather radar gauge for FS ever ! 8) And this won't maintain the dialog method to write what you think when you are nervous because of the programming activity. Please write only what you need for the code issues, this will help. Pete on his side won't take care of the above if you both keep the dialog method on code issues, not food ones :idea:
  10. You are both very active developers for FS community, especially for freeware outstanding works to enhance our flight simming experience. I don't have any idea of what consequence could happen if ACS changed his gauge name, nor i don't know how long it would be to enable such a gauge name in FSUIPC. Pete Dowson seems to spend a lot of time with developers, more than with his customers, and he accredited many freewares to access FSUIPC with free keys. But i guess those freewares developers respected the FSUIPC development SDK to fit the requirements. And Pete on his side, tried to enhance his module when something was not working, bugging or whatever with a third party program. If I understood, the fact that FSUIPC doesn't accept mutliple dots in gauge name was not known, and not written somewhere nor in FSUIPC SDK. In this way Alain Capt couldn't guess it doesn't work with his gauge. I'm sure as professionnals and experienced developers, you'll find the way to the solution through the dialog, maybe discussing what would be the longer and harder : working on the gauge, or working on FSUIPC. I don't know, i would say this is your part of discussing, not mine anymore. Then the whole FS community will welcome another freeware enhanced by FSUIPC features, like many others already available. 8)
  11. I like the rubber idea to fix an idle detente feeling when my throttle goes through :) I assume that the fact to switch a button and then push the throttle to set reverse thrust is not realistic, nor for Airbus throttle systems. Just i tried this way with A320 PIC; and i felt it easy. Pushing the throttle to set reverse thrust didn't trouble me, i've never been a real pilot :oops: Thanks Pete, Regards, Sebastien.
  12. Hello, I read the previous posts about this famous topic, and tried to find any solution in manuals (pdf and doc advanced users ...) but i'm almost sure i have a new question :roll: First, i specify that i have the registered FSUIPC 3 updated, and FS9. I have one axis throttle on my saitek X45. I would like to push one button to activate reverse, and then push the throttle to set full power reverse. Is this possible with FSUIPC ? Because it's possible with A320 Pilot In Command / options setup joystick axes, that works like FSUIPC. In this case, so only for A320 PIC i'm able to push one button, reverse are activated and flaps open, then i push the throttle to slow down. With FSUIPC, actually, i can either - set F2 function to one button (repeat while held + F1 called when released) - or set a new idle position to my throttle axis push to set forward thrust, pull to set reverse If my above question is not possible today with FSUIPC, will FSUIPC future updates may include this ? I think it is possible, Anticyclone (A320 PIC developers) did it. If you don't add this feature, that's ok, i'll try the second option, because i learnt today i can set a null zone around idle position. That was my fear, to have an idle hard to set during flight operations. Thanks you Pete, keep up the good work ! Sebastien, Paris, France Fr.Simflight staff editor
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