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  1. I'm a bit confused now: in the FS Controls section of the advanced users guide you list a Traffic Toggle Command (1009) which should also work in FS9. Wouldn't this be exactly what I need? However, I couldn't figure out from the documentation if I can trigger the Traffic Toggle without creating a hot key that the user would have to press!? :) Thanks, Bernd
  2. Thanks for the infe Pete. Any idea how commercial weather engines like ASE do this in FS9, because they have a Reset AI function build in. Thanks, Bernd
  3. Hi Pete! I have managed to get an AI Traffic Reset to work in FSX by reading, setting and re-setting the 0250+ offsets. However, is there a similiar way in FS9, because this approach doesn't work there? I just need to delete all the AI traffic worldwide and then reset the previously user-defined density setting. Thanks, Bernd
  4. Hi Pete! Yes, I've tried both ways. When starting off with nearest stations first, then EGRB is the station that gets these strange wind layers and loses all clouds. If doing it the other way around, EGRB is set correctly with another station (don't know the identifier) getting these wrong values. However, setting all stations twice eliminates the problem with the faulty wind layers (but doesn't help with the problem of weather stations losing cloud layers). I'll check, if any of my extended METAR strings is more then 2048 bytes. Am I correct to assume that we're talking about 1-byte-per-character encodings (ie 1 character of the METAR string = 1 byte)? Thanks a lot for your help! Bernd
  5. Hi Pete! Thanks for your answer. You're absolutely right, the symptoms I have described are the same no matter what range I use to set the stations. The strange thing is, that weather stations only lose cloud layers, they're not getting additional ones. Global Mode has is advantages, but it also has a lot of disadvantages: it doesn't work with AI Traffic, ATC and you don't have smooth weather changes. That's where station mode is much better. Another issue that might be related to my problem, maybe you've heard about this: as I said, I set the weather for all stations within 200 nautical miles around the aircraft position. If I place the aircraft @ Runway 9L in EGLL and start setting the weather, EGRB (a weather station located in London Centre) gets is weather set and it displays correctly. However, as my setting process progresses, as soon as another station (about 30 miles away vom EGRB) is set, EGRB loses all of its cloud layers and suddenly has some very, very strange wind layers in FSXs weather menu. I send 12 wind layers (5000 feet, 10000 feet etc) but now EGRB has wind layers in 4990 feet, 5000 feet, 5010 feet etc. That's why I thought it's some kind of interpolation that's going on. Have you ever heard of this issue? Thanks in advance, Bernd
  6. Hi Pete! Got a question about the weather station system FSX uses. I'm currently sending Extended METAR Strings (Custom Mode = Station Mode) to FSX via SimConnect (or FSUIPC which - as far as I know - uses SimConnect itself) for all weather stations 200 nautical miles around the aircraft position. That works fine, the weather's there! However, even though the Dynamic Change Rate is set to 0, after a few seconds (!) stations lose their cloud layers. I thought that it was some internal FSX interpolation thing going on, so I extended my radius to 300 nautical miles. In theory, this should prevent nearby stations to change their weather. But that wasn't the case, there are still stations losing cloud layers that are 60 nautical miles away. Have you heard of this issue before? Any ideas what it could be? Thanks, Bernd
  7. Hey Pete! A friend of mine - who is not very good in english - has a serious problem with the new version of FSUIPC. He has a registered version of FSUIPC and if the dll-file is placed in the "modules" folder of FS2004 he always gets the following error message upon starting FS2004: Runtime Error Programm:D:\Programme\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator\fs9.exe Abnormal program termination. When he removes the dll-file from the "modules" folder, FS2004 starts as usual without any error message. Do you have any idea of what to do? Kind Regards, Bernd
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