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  1. HI Tracon 2012 SE just updated on steam, is there a list of what was changed Thanks Wayne
  2. thanks Pete after much stuffing around identified it was Linda capturing the controllers, just had to disable them in Linda Wayne
  3. Hi Pete I have just got back into Sim and purchased P3dV4.2 and everything working great however I installed FSUIPC V5.124 initially just to map some buttons before fully using the profiles to set up my controllers but on my CS Yoke it or something kills my yoke,CS throttle quadrant and track IR when FSUIPC is enabled, however the CS rudders seem to work fine, its working for the first 2 seconds in P3D then it just stops, also not working in windows then some weird beeping sounds even at the desktop after P3d has closed that requires me to reboot the PC to get rid off, If I remove the FSUIPC DLL from the modules folder in P3Dv4.2 all is great and all the controls are working as expected including track IR. I'm not necessarily saying the issue is FSUIPC as there may be some other item loading that's conflicting with FSUIPC, I also have Ultimate traffic live and Linda initialising at about the same time. I may need to just keep isolating stuff and testing but I though somebody may have come across this Thanks Wayne
  4. your welcome I had the same annoying issue
  5. I had an issue with anti virus blocking So i disable before i run game and all good, you can add exception into av but didnt work for me
  6. That is a great idea sometimes its overwhelming and this would give a clear direction
  7. Hi feel there Any chance of any australian sectors for tracon se such as brisbane or sydney, cheers
  8. it would be great too if the wind could be known in advance so the runways could be set up in preparation rather than having to click onto the start and take a look first then go back and set the correct active runways Regards Wayne
  9. Vic Also the occasional go around for commercial and ga traffic from the tower to be re sequenced by aporoach would be good
  10. Hi I have realistic winds set for KSAN sector in Tracon 2012 SE and probably as in the real world they are mostly blowing from the west to the east making runway 27 the duty runway, is there any way to set the wind to blow from the east to the west so 09 is the active at KSAN without having to set the winds to no forecast and have zero winds on the start screen Thanks Wayne
  11. HI Is there any way of resetting the ATC Profile data stats without deleting and recreating the profile.datx file, I want to reset the stats but not delete all the duty runways I have set up as I am creating multiple profiles for different flows and using a batch to swap them out as needed, if that makes sense Regards Wayne
  12. thanks I stand corrected unfortunately lol
  13. Hi vic Perhaps some additional pilots voices female and male and the ability to add voice commands, i know its possible in tower 3d but not sure about tracon
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