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  1. Thanks. Is there any way to find out what FSX is using?
  2. Another question about incorrect aircraft being displayed. I loaded the 1970 schedule and went to Birmingham (UK) to see what displayed but, as you can see from the attached screenshot of STB, modern day aircrat are displayed along with those from 1970.
  3. Thanks Burkhard. That is what I suspected. In an attempt to sort it out, when I was transferring aircraft, for some reason I lost them so I have had to reinstall. Hopefully that will sort the problem I had with showing the incorrect aircraft and it will be working fine now. If not I will let you know.
  4. No problem Burkhard. Attached are the Texture files in png format. Hope they work this time. AALairbusPNG.zip
  5. This may seem a dumb question but which traffic bgl does MYT use? I have two 'My Traffic' Folders one inside FSX and one under 'My Traffic Professional' which is outside of FSX.
  6. Contained in the zip below are Textures for the new scheme of American Airlines for the Airbus A319/A320/A321 amalgamated from US Airways. The Textures are for My Traffic 6 and I don't know if the numbers correspond to any previous editions. You might want to backup the original textures in case you want to revert to them - and for My Traffic 6 the relevant textures are: A319 - My30, A320 - My87 and A321 - My69 Unzip AALAIRBUS1.zip and copy the relevant textures into the appropriate Aircraft Folder overwriting as necessary. For example, 'Texture.My30' goes into the A319MX Folder. In addition, the old US Airways callsign "Cactus" is also no longer used so you might like to change the callsign to "American" and add AAL to the parking codes. I use AI-Aircraft Editor from Owl's Nest however aircraft who's cfg in the Folder is 'sim' do not show up but if you change the name of the cfg to 'aircraft', they will. A bit of a chore but worth it in the end. Next will be the A330 then on to the Boeings. AALAIRBUS1.zip
  7. I have started the process of repaints for the current scheme for American Airlines and US Airways aircraft but was wondering the best place to upload them to for the benefit of other users.
  8. Possible solution as follows if you have AFCAD. In AFCAD, select File-Open File and in the displayed window, check "From Specific File" and press "Open File". Browse to FS2002/SCENEDB/MyTrafficAFD/Scenery and open file SFEGCC1. You should now see + - Europe in the left box - expand this until MANCHESTER appears and select it - EGCC should now appear in the Airport and NAVAID Sites box. Select EGCC and open. You should now have Manchester displayed and be able to modify it. I have already made modifications so I can't now tell what the problem is with 06L but check where the "hold short node" is and move it back. This may solve the problem for you. Don't forget to save the changes.
  9. Thanks Martin, not quite as simple as that in my case because of the moving of files that I have done (I got an error message up when I tried) but I found it in the end by searching in Win Explorer. I am a retired ATCO and live in Troon. :)
  10. Sorry if I am missing something but the updates are asking for a password. What password ? :?
  11. I have successfully activated the modification for Simflyers Manchester using the Third Party application, however is there any way that I can make changes using AFCAD (e.g. moving the holding point for 24R back a bit and making 24R available for landing only/24L for take-off only)? I have changed the original MYEGCC.bgl to a passive file and have deleted the new MYEGCC.bgl so that I do not now have any bgl's for Manchester in the MyTrafficAFD/Scenery folder. I have tried ameding Manchester in AFCAD but to no avail when I run FS2K2 - I still get the same result i.e. the AI traffic moving correctly in line with the Simflyers scenery but still takeing-off on 24R.
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