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  1. I am getting the following error which causes FS9.1 to freeze up and crash: (11)FSUIPC:IPC timed out all entries. Press the Retry button to attempt the FSUIPC connection after fixing the problem, or press the Cancel button to end your flight. After pressing the Retry button, I get this error box: (515)FSUIPC connection failure: Cannot link to FSUIPC or WideClient. What is causing this problem? FYI..I have the payware version of FSUIPC 3.50. I have let it build a new ini file as well and still get the error.
  2. Pete, The LDS 767 was just released. Many of us that use the PFC throttle quad's cannot get the A/T to work on the plane. Please see this thread over at the 767 forum with particular attention to Bob Scott's post. Any help from you would be great as none of us can use the autothrottle! http://www.leveldsim.com/forums/forum_pD=311&PN=1
  3. Greetings Pete, I wrote a while back asking if you could put in a feature for the next PFC update. I asked if we could somehow get a parameter put in that would equalize(sp?) the throttle settings when using 3 or 4 throttles like we currently have for 2 throttles when the engine parameters are very close together. I remember that you said you were going to address a PFC update in the new year. Just wondering how this is coming along and if the above described feature is possible? Many thanks for all your hard work.
  4. I find that, with most modern PCs, the USB port works better and is more reliable than the old COM ports which I think Microsoft want to forget. To use a USB port you would need to get a USB serial adapter. Disregard, got it working. flight controls seem just a bit more responsive but maybe not.
  5. For 3 engines: only 1 and 3. Let 2 do what it wants. For 4 engines: 1 and 4, and 2 and 3, but separately. This sounds good Pete. Looking forward to these.
  6. Pete, I see that with the latest PFC.dll we can equalise close engine values for 2 engines. I have the PFC throttle quad that has the 4 throttles. While the 2 engine equalization works great now when I fly a two-engine jet (use the middle two throttles for two engine jets), when flying a 3 or 4 engine jet, it is very difficult to get the engine values the same. With the just released Dreamfleet 727 and the upcoming PMDG 744 and MD11, is there a way you can add a feature that will equalize close 3 and 4 engine values in a future update? Many thanks.
  7. I wanted to d/l your PFC dll file but it is the 1.84? I read that current version should be 1.90. Thanks
  8. Pete, On the Activesky message forum on Avsim, Damian was asked why can you not see building thunderstorms say over Orlando when say flying near Daytona Beach which is 45 or so miles to the northeast when the default msfs weather engine can do it. His response was because Activesky sets the weather globally for now unlike the default wx engine and FS Meteo version 6.3. The new version 2.0 of Activesky will be able to do this. Also Pete in regards to the winds shifting severly, Damian stated that with version 2.0, there will be a feature where the winds will be dampened around your aircraft on the route of your flight so as to avoid the dramatic wind shifts that we are encountering now with the way the localised wx affects the winds. I just wish that you could do something with FSUIPC to help us out but it is understandable that you can't with MS not releasing any SDK's yet. Thanks anyways Pete.
  9. Hello Pete. I am using the latest version 3.10 (registered) with FS9. I am also using Activesky's latest version 1.91. Activesky only supplies global weather right now. I use it in the online mode which updates every 10 minutes. In the FSUIPC options under winds, I have wind smoothing checked and have it set to 30 seconds for every kt/degree. The problem is as I fly along at say FL370, I am still getting severe wind shifts as I fly from one Metar reporting station to the next. I have already crashed 3 times due to a 50kt headwind shifting to say a 45kt tailwind at the snap of a finger causing a severe drop off in speed and an eventual stall. It is like the FSUIPC wind smoothing option is being totally ignored. Do you have any help for me? Thanks.
  10. All I got was an email confirming my money was taken. No registration key. How do we go about getting that?
  11. Pete, I just read the top post about the FSUIPC and when you propose to release verison 3. I will gladly pay for it. I would like to know if you have a somewhat firm idea of when we can expect the PFC.dll for FS2004. I cannot use FS2004 (unless I use the keyboard which is not an option really I would like to use) till the dll gets released due to the amount of hardware I have set up that uses the dll. Thanks.
  12. Ouch, Nasty. Sounds like a COM port or seral driver problem. Make sure the COM port is not sharing an IRQ with anything else. Try another COM port. Try deleting it in the device manager and re-installing it. If it comes to the worst you may have to try re-installing Windows. Regards, Pete Hate to sound dumb but how exactly would one go about seeing if the COM port is sharing an IRQ with something else? Thanks
  13. Pete, Is PFC version 1.53 for FS2004? Thanks
  14. A known bug in ActiveSky? I don't know it, but I don't use ActiveSky. Has he determined the cause? No he has not, I have asked him time and again to get ahold of you but who knows.... Eric
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