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  1. With some colleagues we try to configure a extended intercom-solution for a Pro-Sim B737-Home-Cockpit using a external Audio -Mixer- Software ( Search for Voicemeeters ; funtions like select on/off and volume can be accessed by makros). With this Mixer-Software up to eight audio-channels can be distributed and controlled. (2xATC, CPT, FO, Callout, Instructor) more than for 2-man-Homecockpit are needed. Finally MIC-selection, channel-selection and volume-control of this Intercom-solution should be handled by CPFlight ASP. Therefor it is necessary to know, if values of the switches and buttons and the volume-controls of the CPflight ASP can be read by FSUIPC (and handled forward to other software). Bernhard (LSZH)
  2. Hi all, I`m in transition from pm to ProSim. It would be of great help if I could maintain the present distribution of clients (PD3-Server, CPT-,FO-,Up-EICAS-,-LO-EICAS-, INSTRUCT- and SYSTEMS-Client) using WideFS/FSUIPC. I`d like to run ProSim System (connected to FDS, Phidget and FI-Cards) on the former SYSTEMS-Client. Cockpitsonic Overhead, Pedestal and CPFlight MCP/EFIS are connected to the P3D-Server. Network is no Problem. ProSim Support states like written in the Manual ProSim-System has to be mandatory on the P3D-Server. Best regards Bernhard (LSZH)
  3. bravolima wrote: as usual the forum is the last way to get help. What does that mean? You've been elsewhere and go some first? Or what? Sorry, I don't understand you. If you mean my response is too slow for you, I'm sorry, but I do answer as soon as I see the questions here. I'm sure you can't have seen that much of a delay. Most support sites offer 24-72 hour turn-round. I only take more than a few hours when I'm away on holiday or, like this last weekend, actually away at a Flight Sim function. no, no. I mean I try to find solutions by my own, when I have no idea anymore then I ask for help here. Sorry, you misunderstood.
  4. hi Pete, as usual the forum is the last way to get help. To more precise: - according the PFC documents I put the pfc.dll in the modules, but I deleted the file already. -I only put in the ServerIPAddr= into the WideClient.cfg -the log file shows " New client Application^...... seems normal -FSUIPC log is uneventfull too - FSUIPC detects the bottons, I chose PTT Transmit on/off (SB3,RW,AC) Parameter O, Control to repeat..... is not boxed (assigned) Selected are FScontrol -I use a wireless keyboard, push to talk with scroll lock -the failure report is unspecific Squawkbox detected an errot, program has to be terminated I´m not quit sure that it is a problem of FSUIPC or WideFS. I only want to check if you or someone might have a new idea. My ones run out.... unfortunately this happens during Worldflight..... regards Bernhard (LSZH)
  5. hi, using FS2004 with PFC Jet colun yoke in a homecockpit. Connections between two PCs are established and are working with FSUIPc and WideFS without problems. Squawkbox on the non-FS2004 PC. Transmissions, conducted with kexyboard are working fine all the time, but when I use the assigned button on the yoke, Squwakbox terminates. FSUIPC,WideFS are the latest versions. PFC.dll is in the module folder. thanks for help Bernhard (LSZH)
  6. the Schiratti Code --- Offset 0x4F2, command 121 --- doesn`t work at the first option Bytes Clrbit. The other options seem to fit neither. This code doesn`t show up in the FSUIPC List. Search for TOGA in the FSUIPC offset list from pm results in: 080C 4 Autothrottle TOGA (take off power) where to put in? In the first option, with the fixed pm commands there is AB Thr, AB stands for Airbus, I have Boeings, perhaps a reason why it doesn´t work. For this weekend I give up. Thanks Benrhard (LSZH)
  7. Hello Pete, lets start with the last, "I assume this is meant as a nasty jibe. Are you willing to do any work yourself? If not I expect you will be out of luck." Sure I´m willing to work and think about the stuff. δm doing this since two weeks already. I tried to get infos from pm, Goflight and finally as I was told from the pm forum to look at your forum. (òne failed track was to find a solution with GF KEY mapper 1.4, didn´t found a way) I didn´t count how many times I fired up and down my system, I spent a lot of nerves to print out manual, both sided, hardest punishment of modern world, and I fiddeled around ome hour with your program. Short: Get the newest one 3.82 Be sure no old FSUIPC stuff is in the FS modules folder Same with the newest GoFlight software Goflight modules P8/T8 are not configurated (is that right?) reading manuals, talking colleques in my nativ language (german) because these problems usual utilisize special terms, and I´m a physician not a IT expert. FSUIPC does at the moment: recognize bottons on the P8 module and recognize also switching on the T8 module. actual situation on P8: botton one Control sent when button pressed: out of the list PM AB THR TOGA botton menue: Btn# 0 select FS Controls X include PM X Parameters: I tried 0X42 as Enrico told and 080C as found in the FSUIPC offsets from the pm Homepage. (they state that the list was updated 11th November 2004, and they gave a hint to your SDK list, wich I assumed is implemented in Version 3.82) but when sitting on rwy, made a precise preparation , throttle up to 50% TOGA botton: none botton 2 and 3 work well with FScontrols speedbrake armed and parking brake Also, in general, you can write any value to any FSUIPC offset by using the appropriate Offset control, with the offset and parameters both entered. There are offset controls to set Byte (1 byte)), Word (2 byte) and Dword (4 byte) values, as well and set, clear or toggle individual bits, or increment or decrement values. They are all listed and you can find them all in the drop-downs in FSUIPC's options would you give me please one example for that and to what does it refers, to the FSUIPC list, to the FSUIPC.ini ? Or just tell me the side number in the manual. Where do I have to fill in these strings? Thanks for your patience, Bernhard
  8. Gentlemen three questions: 1.) Does anybody in the forum managed to assign a botton of a GoFlight P8 Module for the function "TOGA" for the project magenta 737NG ? 2.) Does anybody managed to assign the switches of a GoFlight T8 Module to the several light switches (8-9 toggle functionss of the Project magenta software pmsystems? 3.) is one of you, who went throught this willing to assist me from the scratch to get these funktions working. I´m not willing to be a objekt in a ping-pong game in this magic bermuda triangle nor is my intention to do a academic degree in using FSUIPC. regards Bernhard (LSZH)
  9. Hello Pete, PMDG 747 does not use the FS light operation controls and up to know I did not get a list of key commands. As far as I know GoFlight nor PMDG did issued interfaces. The main problem is now to find a list of key commands for the light controls of PMDG 747. If someone have it, please let me know. thanks in between Bernhard (LSZH)
  10. ´m a user of this items and so far very satisfyed. One problem remains:the GoFlight T8 unit. I want to use this unit for the various lights of the PMDG 747. Up to now I did not find a solution. Is is possible to use FSUIPC for that? Can I assign specific commands for wing-lights, beacon, nav-l., taxi-l. and so on? thanks in advance for assistance Bernhard (LSZH)
  11. I use FSUIPC 2.97 to connect PS1.3 via Broker to FS2002; After a complete new Installation of WinXP Professional inclusive all updates and a new installation of FS2002 one problem not yet solved occured. I see the right time on the Broker (Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers 1.31) but in FS2002 the time changes immediatley to night time 00.00 and can`t be changed to daylight. Any suggestions? BTW with my registered Version and FS2004 the problem persist. Bravolima
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