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  1. I just figured it out. Thanks! I got it running. Mark T Chicago
  2. Can someone please explain how I can edit the dll xml file in the FSX.cgf? I am trying to install the dll file from my traffic but it will over ride my other items in the original? I want to manually add the lines from the forum posts I have read. When I open it now it justs opens in windows explorer and I cannot type anything. Thanks Mark T Chicago
  3. Thanks, I will look into that this weekend. Mark T
  4. Sorry, I am at work and trying to remember everything. It was the xml.dll file Mark T
  5. After I move the .dll file from the mytraffic folder into the fsx .cfg folder I approve the override of the existing file. But now I have lost my add-on menu on the flight sim screen. This was a drop down box and contains the addon (FSUIPC, FSCopilot) Does anyone have any suggetions on how to get it back. I spoke to Pete Dotson of FSUIPC who advises his program also runs on the .dll file in the flight sim .cvg folder. So both of these programs reqiure that .dll file. Thanks in Advance Mark T Chicago
  6. Peter, after I deleted the dll.xml file and reinstalled everything, I have it working now! Thanks for all the advice. Mark T Chicago
  7. Pete, I looked in the modules folder, there is no log file there. I now uninstalled the fscopilot & fsinn programs. I tried to reinstall FSUIPC, it said the install went ok. I checked again inside the modules folder but there still is no log. I did find a dll.xml file in the FSX.cfg file. Here is what it says: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252" ?> - Launch dll.xml False False - Object Placement Tool True False ..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Mission Creation Kit\object_placement.dll - Traffic Toolbox True False ..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Traffic Toolbox SDK\traffictoolbox.dll - Visual Effects Tool True False ..\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Special Effects SDK\visualfxtool.dll Let me know if you need any other info Mark T Chicago
  8. Pete, I did uninstall FScopilot and it removed the addon menu to FSX there was no FSUIPC shown in FS. Can you tell me where I can view the logs? Mark T
  9. Peter, I see the addon menu at the top of flight sim. I have FSCopilot there but no FSUIPC. The install of FSUIPC did report ok, I do have a modules folder inside FSX now, but the modules dll is version I have tried the V4.2 again but it is not showing. Any more thoughts? Thanks Mark T
  10. Peter, one more thing. I see the addon menu at the top of flight sim. I have FSCopilot there but no FSUIPC. The install of FSUIPC did report ok, I do have a modules folder inside FSX now, but the modules dll is version I have tried the V4.2 again but it is not showing. Any more thoughts? Thanks Mark T
  11. Ok here is what I found out from Microsoft Tech Support Under C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS there is the x86_SimConnect folder, it should have the simConnect.dll file in it. Under C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\Manifest- There should be a simconnect mainfest file and a security catalog file. Both of these have to be renamed to x86_Microsoft.FlightSimulator.SimConnect_67c7c14424d61b5b_10.0.60905.0_x-ww_429211e9. This is the product ID number. It took 2 hours but I finally have it working now, thank you for all of the guidance you gave me, at first he had no idea what I was talking about but persistance pays LOL. BTW all three of these files can be found on the FSX install disk one. If you find anyone that did not get it installed properly. For some reason it did not automatically install for me. Thanks Again Mark T Chicago
  12. Pete, I went home for lunch, here is what I found: There are 3 SimConnect files on the FSX disk one. SimConnect.dll SimConnect.dll manifest file Some type if SimConnect exe log file. I copied the SimConnect.dll file and pasted it into the Windows\Winsxs folder (the one that was empty) I copied the manifest file into the same Winsxs folder. Did not work. I then tried the mainfest file into the Winsxs\manifest folder Did not work. I guess I will try another reinstall when I get home. Mark T
  13. They were not the same name but they caught my eye as simconnect files. Mark T I will keep you posted
  14. Yes, I did an explore of disk one and there are 2 simconnect files (.dll) there. I am at work right now. I will drag them into the empty folder later and let you know if it works. Thanks for the advice. Mark T
  15. Can I copy the SimConnect dll files from the FSX DVD and just paste them into the empty folder? Is it that simple? Mark T
  16. Peter, I did the reinstall of FSX. I find the SimConnect folder now in: C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft.FlightSimulator.SimConnect_67c7c14424d61b5b_10.0.60905.0_x-ww_429211e9 There is nothing inside of it I still cannot get FSUIPC to install. Thanks Mark T
  17. Thanks for the response, I will try the uninstall method and let you know. Mark T
  18. sorry the SimConnect version numer is 10.0.60905.0 Mark T
  19. Peter, It is version 4.02. I did have the Beta version installed a few weeks ago. I installed FSX last week and all the addons were working fine. I was experiencing horrible frame rates so I did a reformat of my hard drive and started over again. The Flight Sim X runs ok now and frame rates are great. I did find the SimConnect.dll file in my: Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X file Yes, by add on I mean at the top of the Flight simX menu header next to help.. Mark T
  20. I have reviewed all of the latest stickys and some of the posts regarding this subject. I still cannot get the FSUIPC 4.0 file to install. I keep getting that error meassage telling me to execute the simconnect.msi file. I just did a reformat of drive C the other day and am starting out fresh. I have FSX installed. I do not have any other firewalls installed and I have disabled the windows firewall. I cannot see the add on file at the top of FS, I did install FSinn and Copilot too. Any thoughts? Thanks Mark T
  21. That did the trick, I can see it now. Thank You Mark T Chicago
  22. I installed my traffic for FSX. I know there are some notes to active it my modifying the .cfg file. My problem is I cannot locate it (the cfg file). I know the directions show it in c/documents and settings/XXXX(name)/application data/etc.. I have my name Mark/guest and administrator to choose from but I cannot find and application data folder. I also tried a search for the .cfg but but there was no luck. Can anyone give any suggestions to try? Thanks in advance Mark T Chicago
  23. Ok I am sorry about the confusion, I picked up a copy yesterday in Chicago. I will wait! Mark T
  24. Peter, I am installing version 4 for FSX. After I click the run button I get a dialog box asking where my FSX.exe is located. I navigate over to MSgames/Flight Simnulator X and select the FSX.exe icon, but after that I get a message that my FSX installaton is not suitable for this version of FSUIPC. You may need to install an update from Microsoft? Any ideas. Thanks Mark T Chicago
  25. That did the trick! Thanks for the fast reply. Mark T
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