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  1. Me again, if you'd like me to I could re-install 4.072 to double-check whether the logs return; let me know. Cheers, Holger
  2. Hi Peter, well, I'll be darned! After installing 4.081 all the FSUIPC4.ini logs have disappeared from Filemon. In fact, at first I thought that the installation must have been unsuccessful because I couldn't get a single entry during flight loading and operation, even with a specific filter setting of "fsuipc*". However, I then tested SBuilderX and its FSUIPC link works just fine (and at that point a few file I/Os got logged by Filemon). Don't have a clue why the issue got resolved. I did try before to let FSUIPC re-build an ini file but that didn't make any difference. I'll keep an eye out
  3. Hi Pete, I don't have any evidence that those frequent FSUIPC4.ini accesses have any impact on FSX performance. That is to say I haven't done any systematic comparison of FSX perf with and without FSUIPC4.dll. I use FSUIPC as an interface to the SBuilder design utility only, which doesn't require a registered version. I run Windows XP SP2 and Filemon 7.04 and the X: drive is a 250GB USB2 external HD mounted as a regular drive (without partitions). The reason I noticed the issue was because I do regular Filemon checks for potential memory leaks of my landscape design projects. For these che
  4. Hi Pete, thanks for the quick response. Attached are sample FSUIPC and simConnect log files. Unfortunately, I don't have the knowledge about either module to be able to diagnose the output. I appreciate your help with this. Cheers, Holger Sandmann FSUIPC_logs_Holger_March7.zip
  5. Hi Pete, just wondering whether you and/or IMM22 found out more about this because I get those constant FSUIPC4.ini logs with Filemon as well; hundreds per minute and not just during those times you named as "normal". Cheers, Holger
  6. Howdy, here's a bit more information about how seasons are implemented in FS: http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.pons+holger Cheers, Holger
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