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  1. Pete, After a quick read over that section (Should have consulted the document first), I have my throttle controls set to perfection now, with all 4 levers in synchronization with each other at 95% of the points throughout the axis, All thanks to FSUIPC and your help! Much Appreciated! :cool: Kriss
  2. Hi Pete, thanks for the fast reply! When you said that you can set a number of points throughout the axis, are your referring to the 'Idle', 'Reverse' and 'Max' values? Or am I missing something else? Thanks, Kriss
  3. Hello, :razz: I am having problems with my Saitek throttle quadrants ; the throttle levers are not synchronised at the same positions. For Example, I could have them In the exact same position (physically) on the quadrant, but on the simulator I get different output, It may only be 3-4% of a difference in throttle but asymmetrical thrust Is actually quite a problem in the simulator. The two throttle levers that aren't synchronised are both on the same quadrant which makes it even more strange :???: . I have FSUIPC installed and I have tried mapping the throttle controls into there to see if It makes a difference, but it remains the same. If someone has a workaround for this in FSUIPC to calibrate the throttle positions to be the same I would be very appreciative if you could help me, Thanks in advance! Kriss
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