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  1. Volker.........

    In creating a flight plan of CYUL (Montreal) to CYHX (Halifax) I noticed that there were no Sids for CYUL.  I contacted Navigraph and they responded that they were showing 2 Sids, KIPAX4 and TRUDO2 in their current database.

    Also, in creating a reverse flight, I found no Sids in Halifax.





  2. Volker.....

    Just an fyi -

    Ricardo from LatinVFR responded about the KSAN elevation question. He says that Runway 27 is a LOC ILS runway with no glide slope data. Therefore, autoland is not a possibility on this runway and to change it would not be realistic. To land on this runway,basically, is a manually handled. Runway 9 is a full ILS runway with autoland posibilities. Basically. land on Runway 9, take off on Runway 27.

    Works for me.


  3. Volker..........

    I've been wondering why, after constructing a flight plan from KSFO/KSAN, that despite entering all the data corrrectly, I was landing 2/3rds osf the way down the runway. This also happened no matter where I started from.

    Aircraft used is PMDG 737 NGX.

    I checked the real life data and found tha the elevations for KSAN are as follows:

    Runway 9 - 14 feet

    Runway 27 - 16 feet

    Problem seems to be that the FSC flight plans list Runway 27 elevation at 65 feet. That would seem to be the problem unless I've missed something. I didn't check Runway 9 since I don't use it.

    Could that be the problem and could it be adjusted?

    Jack Fentress

  4. Volker.........

    I used the normal steps to create a flight plan and was not allowed to select a destination airport after I selected one. I "hit" the button but nothing happened. Yes, I tried with the Airport button both ways but the result was the same. There was no indication when selecting Flight Sim Commander that there was a problem with any of the FSC files or anything else for that matter.


  5. Volker...........

    Yes, I'm running Win7/64 bit. When FSC was installed I did check off "run as administrator".

    FYI, I have Windows system files on drive C: and Flight Simulator X on drive E:. FSC is installed on drive C: within the Aerosoft program and not in the Program files(x86) location. Within Aerosoft, the flight plans are there and also in the various aircraft so there's no problem there. They all seem to be retireveable as needed. What I was referring to was the main graphic of FSC. It's only there when I punch "open" to show saved files, that no saved flight plans show. As I mentioned, as I update and make new flight plans and I save, those do continue to show up. It's only the previous ones that disappeared at that location (only).

    I read the document as you suggested and I'm pretty sure I installed as required. I've had the program for quite a while and even after upgrading to version 9.1.1 I've had no problems until this thing appeared (or disappeared).

    Having said all of that, FSC does run with no problems other than what I mentioned and as time goes on, that will only be a memory. Still don't know why. Must be magic.


  6. Here's something different (at least for me). After opening FSC, going to "open flight plans", there is nothing there. They've all disappeared. As far as I can see I've done nothing that would delete all of the saved flight plans. By making new plans and saving, they do show up but the previous plans seem to have disappeared.

    Anyone had this happen? Is there a solution other than recreating all plans? In checking various aircraft, those plans were not affected, only in FSC itself.

    Jack Fentress

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