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  1. Volker........... Thank you for the response and I really do appreciate you at least thinking about this request. Out of curiosity, if you ultimately decide to include QW, when do you think that might happen? Jack
  2. I have been having some trouble in loading FSC plans to the Quality Wings 757. I know it would have been a much smoother and successful process if during the saving of a FSC flight plan that QW aircraft could have been loaded. I had thought that they (QW) would have to arrange for themselves to be included similarly as is PMDG, Level D and I Fly. However, Ernie Alston informed me that you (FSC) could add them at any time without contacting them if you wished to. With a couple of more additions of theirs coming out in the coming months it seems to me, that it would be a plus for all if they were included. Is it possible? Would you consider Quality Wings? .............and by the way, I'm in no way connected to Quality Wings except as a satisfied customer. Same as I am with Fight Sim Commander. Jack Fentress
  3. I've recently switched from XP to Windows 7. In attempting to re-install the registered version I've run into a problem. After downloading the product it will not accept my registration numbers. I'm not sure why this is but I could sure use a little help to finish my re-installation. Jack Fentress
  4. Volker.......... Quite right. I forgot that. Sorry. Jack
  5. In trying to install the Airac 1105 I no longer seem to have the option of where to extract (FS9 or FSX). The installer automatically chooses FS9 which is not what I use. I use FSX. How do I get around this problem? I'm using Windows XP, SP3 and FSX SP2 (no acceleration). I'd appreciate any help on this odd little problem. Jack Fentress
  6. After more investigation I'm pretty sure my e-mail about registration problems should not have been posted in the SimFlight Forum. Sorry about that. Jack
  7. I bought FSC V9 on 1/24/2011 (yesterday) from Aerosoft. I downloaded and installed with no problems as far as I can tell. I attempted to register using Aerosoft's registration form - correctly I think. However, my FSC 9 still shows as an unregistered program. I posted on another Aerosoft forum about this problem but apparently that was the wrong location to do so. I have not deleted and reinstalled as yet. My order number is 250178. My system is Windows XP/SP3 - FSX/SP2. I'd appreciate any help that would get the program registered properly. By the way I am/was a user of version 8.6. Jack Fentress
  8. Sascha................ Thanks for the reply. I understand, now. To tell you the truth, I've forgotten what I meant by "prior view". Couldn't have beenv ery important though. Jack
  9. When trying to use SIDS in creating a flight plan from Toronto to Halifax a funny thing happened. The individual SIDS would only appear on screen after one was selected. No prior view. In the menu bar, only select was available. The display square was greyed out. Never saw this before at any airport. It didn't hurt the flight plan but is puzzling. Jack Fentress
  10. After installation, I activate FS X. The problem is that during FS X startup I'm getting messages about duplicate cfg for every aircraft before FS X activates. I have no other program such as WOAI or UT 2 (both removed). I've deleted and re-installed a couple of times but the result is always the same. I have no clue as to how to resolve this situation. I've looked thru the forum but haven't found any reference to this problem. I'm hoping that someone will have had this problem and successfully found a way to get past it. My system: Dell Dimension 9100,500G hd, 4G mem, Windows XP-SP3, FS X- Sp2 Jack Fentress
  11. I've posted this problem on the Super 80 forum site and had a few possible solutions. So far none have worked. The problem is that after I make a flight plan with FSC and try to open it within the Super 80, the FMS on the Super 80 won't allow me to load the flight plan as a company route. I've changed the path to the flight plans but to no avail. I have PMDG, CLS, Digital Fokker and many other freeware aircraft and this problem does not occur with any of them. I wonder if anyone has had a similar problem regarding the Super 80. I'm sure there is a solution but I've run out of ideas on this one. I realize that this is not necessarily an FSC problem but I thought that maybe someone has had some experience with this kind of problem. Jack Fentress
  12. I'm a fairly new user of FSC and have found it a splendid addon but somewhat hard to figure out some aspects of the program. The most difficult (at least for me) has been the following: 1. I can successfully make a flight plan within the FSC program with all waypoints etc. laid out. 2. However, when I try to transfer the data to FSX and the various FMS modules, it routinely shows a variation from the plan that FSC has compiled. Usually, the 1st waypoint is reached ok but then the plan varies to something that FSC did not generate. Oddly enough, in many cases, the FS X flight planner data will show correct waypoints but eventually never goes to them. 3. I suspect that in the end I'd reach my destination with that differnt flight plan but I've cancelled the flight long before that point. For the record, I've had the problem with PMDG MD 11, 747, Super 80 and various CLS aircraft. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I can't figure out what. I hope someone out there can help me with this. Jack F
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