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  1. Hello, Many thanks for your prompt response. I have had a look at the 5.3 thread you linked, but I cannot find any mention of the exact improvements the new version offers over 5.2? Also, if I were to go ahead and purchase the discounted version of v5.3 from simmarket (having already purchased 5.2 from simmarket a while back), would it be the full package I can install or would I have to install 5.2 first, then 5.3 (ie, is the discounted download a full version of the software, or only an incremental update)? Odai.
  2. Hello, I've been using MyTraffic for a few years now, but it's been a while since I've used FSX at all recently. I recently rebuilt my system, and have been re-installing my Flight Simulation software. However, I am lost as to what I need to install for MyTraffic. I have an installer here for the v5.2, but I remember from way back that there were all sorts of bug fixes and communicator updates to download in addition to all the major updates downloadable through the communicator. To add to my confusion, it seems you have developed an entirely new version of Mytraffic (5.3). :D If I wer
  3. hello, I managed to find the executable file in the mytraffic folder. After opening it, I found a text file detailing the changes. So I assumed the patch had been applied. However, after loading FSX, I found that the PIA 777 still has the black stripe on the engine. This was supposed to be fixed in the patch, so does this mean the update was not successful? Thank you, Odai.
  4. hello, I recently installed the 5.2--->5.2b incremental update. Am I required to re-add the Mytraffic folder to the FSX scenery library list? If yes, then should I simply delete the old entry and add Mytraffic again? Also, is there another sound patch I should install? Or is the one for 5.2 sufficient? Finally, when I attempt to download the patch for 5.2b, the download starts, but after about 1 min the box indicating the "bytes received" freezes, and no other diaglog box appears. I cannot find the patch file in the Mytraffic aircraft installers folder either.
  5. hello, Sorry to bring this up again, but even after installing the 5.2b patch, the PIA 777 still has the black stripe on the engines. :D
  6. hello, I need to uninstall FSX anyway due to a sound issue with an addon. I've followed the instructions in the manual for uninstalling my traffic. I've also deleted the files from the start menu and leftover files in the FSX/My Traffic folder. Is there anything else I need to do to completely wipe the thing off my PC? Are there registry entries that need to be removed manually?
  7. In case it can cause performance issues, is it safe to simply uninstall all my addons, then re-install them? Would there be any registry issues?
  8. I've installed a few more addons (aircraft and scenery) and don't seem to be having any problems.... Could these problems you mentioned have an impact on FPS/performance?
  9. Oh dear. :D I missed that. I did actually re-install twice (it's working now), what kind of an effect would it have on FSX?
  10. ARGH! Would it be possible just to uninstall MT completely, and just run the MTXU52ab setup program? Would this install everything, without the need for 5.2 being previously installed?
  11. If it is relevant, before I tried re-installing the update, I downloaded and installed the 5.2sound path through the communicator. EDIT: I've tried to rebuild, but this is a screenshot of what I get when I first run it (note second line): The whole thing then continues as normal. EDIT 2: The whole thing does NOT continue as normal, I just got a message saying "The selected file could not get extracted". :( EDIT 3: I tried a full uninstall, then installed 5.2 again, and got the same problems.
  12. hello, I recently installed 5.2 on my system, and downloaded (through to communicator) the file to upgrade straight to 5.2b. I started the installation, and left it to run. When I got back, the communicator was open (so I assumed the install had finished), but the window at the end of the installation (the one where you hit "exit", followed by the DOS type window thing) was still there. When I hit exit, nothing happened. I tried installing the upgrade again, this time I found the whole installation takes place before you press exit. However, as I watched it extract everything, I saw a couple
  13. hello, Thank you for your replies guys. Burkhard, do you mind if I quote you at all on the Aerosoft forums, so that I can get a definitive 'yes or no' answer on this question (I've started a thread there about MTX and MA compatibility)?
  14. hello, I'm looking at purchasing the Mega Airport Heathrow X addon for FSX/FS9 from Aerosoft. I was wondering if My Traffic X 5.2 is fully compatible with this addon airport scenery? Is it also compatible with the Paris CDG and Frankfurt sceneries from the same series? When I tried MTX with World Airports 2, I had a problem with all the traffic being parked very closely together, with their wings conflicting. I was told here this was due to small parking radii. Is this problem existent with MTX in any of the Mega Airport titles too? Thanks!
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