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  1. Thanks Paul, I've been working on this all morning. I'm an idiot...it was working but at some point I ended up with my "assistance" settings for "Unlimited Fuel". This just keeps the fuel at the starting weight throughout the flight. All the payloadservices items I've been using with P3d and FSX appear to be functional for me in FS2020 with FSUIPC7 - at least until the next FS2020 patch comes out. John
  2. John, Sorry my very late response to your question here, but probably moot at this point because things seem to be working now with the flight plan loading in MSFS. I was using offset 0x0130. I'm not even sure I had MSFS installed at the time but was describing my user's experiences. Now that I have it and use it almost exclusively, I've not had problem with flight plan loading. Thanks, John R
  3. Paul, I've been using your payload services, for quite some time now with FSX and P3d - including FuelWeightLbs. Is PayloadServices still functional with FSUIPC 7 and particularly the A320Neo? Thanks, John
  4. Some of my users have also noted an issue with the Flight Plan File location with FSUIPC 7 and MSFS. I only use it at startup to get flight plan file location from sim. It appears that the memory location where this data is contained is either randomly populated or randomly blocked for reading. I don't think my pilots are trying to get the flight plan from the simulator without the simulator being running, as that would never have worked with FSX/P3D etc. Perhaps the MSFS development folks could shed some light on what's happening. I can always work around this by providing a menu option
  5. Thanks John! That will work for my modest requirements John
  6. Yes, it would be great if those memory addresses can again point to useful plane type and model names. My ACARS program currently displays TT:ATCCOM.ATC_NAME CESS , etc. If there is a change or something I must do to alter programmatically to display simple type and model names again I'd appreciate the information. Thanks, John
  7. Thanks Pete!, I wasn't aware that FSUIPC logged the flight plan from sim connect. It appears then that FSX (sim connect) is the cause (and it's likely that Mahogany mountain (1JY2) is an airport naming error). Here is the log results of Mahogany Mountain and then a standard flight plan that doesn't end in a period: OG15-1JY2 (1JY2 as destination airport causes no extension) 144375 C:\Users\john\OneDrive\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\VFR Sage Ranch to Mahogany Mtn. KMSP-KDLH (airport names not ending in period results in proper file extension '.PLN') 269109 C
  8. Peter, I've encountered an unusual problem with FSUIPC offset 0130 for flight plan path and file name. Things have been working fine until a user of my program encountered an error on FSX flight plan loading that included 1JY2 as the destination airport. This appears to be one of the few (perhaps only) airport where the name ends with a period - Abbr. for Mountain as "Mtn.". This creates an fsx- generated flight plan in the name of: "VFR Sage Ranch to Mahogany Mtn..PLN". Note that this file name has two consecutive periods (one for the end of the file name and the other sepa
  9. Thanks Pete! That last quote was from a post from Mathijs himself on his AS CRJ 700/900 forum. Like many FSUIPC users, I have many addons that use this, and can work around the AS CRJ problem using EZdok Camera views to zoom in on the PFD, MFD, MCDU rather than clicking on them (which seems cause the random CTD for me). I was simply trying to figure out who might still be looking into this and which forum to watch for a solution. Based on the above quote from AS and related posts on their forum where they are encouraging the disabling of FSUIPC when using CRJ, I'm fairly
  10. Thanks Thomas, I know how to disable files and where to find them. Below is a post from another CRJ user and Aerosoft's response. So am I to understand it's an "either - or" option on what we use? After writing an ACARS program that uses FSUIPC interface, am I to just tell my VA's pilots not to use FSUIPC or our ACARS program with Aerosoft CRJ and to manually file pireps? Perhaps I need to rewrite my code to use only simconnect and leave FSUIPC. Is this a dead issue for Lockheed Martin, Aerosoft and FSUIPC? John Posted yesterday at 02:22 PM
  11. Pete, Sorry if this was asked elsewhere but couldn't find it. I've been using the P3d V4 Aerosoft CRJ 700/900. Clicking on the various PFD MFD screens can result in a sudden CTD without any error message or module listing in my windows error logs. Aerosoft claims that this is related to FSUIPC and not their aircraft. Can you enlighten me as to the status of this and where I should look for a solution? It sounds like Aerosoft is done dealing with it. On a likely unrelated note, I found and shared with Aerosoft continuous events occurring: When checking fsuipc logging I've no
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