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  1. I would like to utilize this portion of FS Commander when running RW Weather however when I go to Weather/Online and select the location (D:\FSGRW) it tells me that's incorrect. What is FSC looking for then?
  2. Thank you. I will use this to convert all my pln files to be compatible with FSC.
  3. I really have no idea how you would do that Volker, I am a user, not a programmer. I do know that 2 other Navigational programs are able to without any problems and maybe their database is different. I do realize now that I should have spent more time with the "Demo" version before jumping to purchase. I just assumed that any nav utility made for FSX/P3D would be able to import flight plans from those Sims. My mistake.
  4. I certainly didn't look deep enough into what FSC can do and what it can't based on what I'm used to. I found that it is incapable of building a flight plan going airport to airport over a long flight encompassing upwards of 20 to 30 airports. Basically a hop list for lack of a better term. Apparently it requires a "waypoint" (VOR, NDB) to be inserted between each airport otherwise it will simply take the first and last airport in the string and make that the flight plan. What if you are flying in a region (Mexico for example) where there are few navaids to select from over a wide expanse?
  5. Actually Volker, the reason for this possibility is that you have designed a utility that works with the two major Flight Sims (FSX and Prepar3D). The idea that after all the years you've had this product available and it isn't even able to import a "pln" file is, to be brutally honest, ridiculous. No other way to say it, and the fact that a pln file does not contain valid or real SID's, Star's, Airways, etc is honestly of very little if any concern to a very large portion of the Flight Sim Community. Not everyone flies a 747, Business Jet's or Commuter aircraft by the numbers. . .many of us fly simple flight plans built in "Flight Planner". More to the point, many have been flying FSX or P3D for years now and have amassed a large volume of "pln" files which we could import into FSCommander if that option was available. So, the ability to easily import them into a program like yours would be invaluable. That sir, is the "reason for this possibility".
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