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  1. Txxs, Volker: Had trouble navigating the FSGRW folder but was able to. Also corrected the location of the TeamSpeak folder. As always, appreciate your prompt assistance, Regards, Jesse Garcia Huber Heights, OH
  2. System Configuration: 1. FSX-Acceleration and FS2004 2. FSUIPC3 & 4, Registered, lastest versions. 3. No, not used in a network 4. FSC10 Rev 5, Build 06.03.2018 5. Navigraph, Cycle 1904 6. Aerosoft Boxed 7. Windows 10 pro, i7-7700K CPU, 4.20GHz, RAM 16.0 GB, 64-Bit OS 8. 4 Monitors. Back again after a long time...need help with connecting with FSRGW. See Attache screen files...
  3. Hope this helps. When upgrading to FSC 10. I retained the FSC9 folder in the same drive and soon learned that the Navigraph updates were being installed there unless the FSC10 folder was specified/selected. Have since completly removed FSC9 to a backup driver, issue resolved. Please don't ask why am I still holding onto FSC9.
  4. De nada, Benibaz. Asegura cuando actualizadon el nuevo AIRAC esta dirigido al folder de FSC10. De esa manera no es necesario descargarlo y copiarlo. Para mi es necesario pq tengo dos folder, FSC9 y FSC10. Saludos.
  5. Hola Benibaz. You need to ensure that the AIRAC update is pointed/dlownloaded to the FSC10 folder. Today, installed the current AIRAC cycle, 1805, and because I still have FSC9 and FSC10 installed had to direct the installation to the proper folder. For me the easiest way is to download once to the FSC9 and copy the file to FSC10. Of course, you need to execute the downloaded for it to update. Buena suerte.
  6. jgar

    FSC 10 Manual (answered)

    Once again, disregard above post. My apologies for wasting so much of your precious time. From now on, will measure twice and cut once! Regards, Jesse
  7. jgar

    FSC 10 Manual (answered)

    Unfortunately, have not been able to locate the "important notes uninstalling an exisiting FSC eng fra ger.pdf" link. Used the Navigraph download to do the update and somehow have missed quite a few things....guess when you kt 80 you start missing a lots of things and paying attention is at the top of the list. All is well for now, thanks. Jesse
  8. jgar

    FSC 10 Manual (answered)

    Mr Volker: Please disregard the above query. Copying the logbook.fsc file from FSC9/User to FSC10/User should do it. Also were able to update the AIRAC to the latest version while still having both, FSC 9 and 10, installed in the same drive. Earlier posts implied that FSC9 had to be uninstalled in order for the correct AIRAC to be reflected in the FSC splash screen. Regards, Jesse
  9. jgar

    FSC 10 Manual (answered)

    As always, thanks for your prompt response. One more question: Since installing FSC 10 requires FSC 9 to be uninstalled so the Navigraph AIRAC updates are install in the new version, I just learned, what happens to the logbook entries in FSC 9? Best regards, Jesse
  10. Mr Volker: Is there an FSC 10 manual or supplement available for download? Best regards, Jesse Garcia
  11. Claude: With all due respect, with your attitude my suggestion is for you to find other software that suites you and perhaps you can understand. My experience has been that FSC's costumer support, i.e., Mr Heine, has always gone beyond attempting to resolve issues when they are software related and when required incorporate solutions into new software versions. However, not much he can do to resolve installations issues like you are apparently having.
  12. Dan Moore, you still can...download the upgrade zip file again, the 9.6.9 supplement is now included.
  13. To y'all, where else are you going to find this quality of customer service?
  14. gwdoc...since you mentioned the "name of the flightplan has something to do...." If the FP has any space characters, remove them and see if that corrects the issue. I had to delete the spaces from all my old saved plans to correct a similar issue with FS9 and FSX. Regards.
  15. Hi Volker. Have tried a few thing trying to resolve this issue to no avail. Did a Fallback to 9.6.7 by replacing 3 files - FSC.exe, FSCDbManager.exe and FSCP3DCFG_V3.exe and deleting the C080, COPR, Cities.fsc file. (1) FS9/FSC9.6.7 ran fine; all the saved flight plans including a flight plan generated after updating to FSC9.6.8 are recognized and usable. (2) Again, updated to 9.6.8 and only the flight plan generated after 9.6.8 can be open. Error message received is attached. (3) To eliminate the probability of an AIRAC issue, tried flights plans with cycle 1704 and 1705 they ran ok on FSC9.6.7. Has anyone reported any issues with old flight plans? Not really a big issue since flight plans generated under 9.6.8 are ok. However, while this may turn out to be a "local" issue it is strange that only occurs after installing the 9.6.8 update. Just letting you know in case there is a bug in the update that may later show up. If there are any files that I need to provide you please let me know. Regards, Jesse from Ohio.

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