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  1. Yes I was able to activate visibility options like they were in old version, but the option to change time it takes for visibility to change is missing. This is the crucial detail I'm looking for Pete please please please fix it TH mike
  2. In FS9/FSUIPC I was able to adjust speed of visibility change but that has been discontinued I am using Active sky next and there is no adjustment - visibility change happens very quickly and unnaturally where is the visibility change option and how can I adjust it in the new FSUIPC?
  3. I've been wondering if somebody would be interested to create simple alarm system using Lua for a audio signal to be played, when fuel is unbalanced by set amount of gallons, may be 3 or 5 for a2a cherokee, or other planes where switching tanks is necessary. I looked briefly at the tutorials and programming but it is far beyond my abilities. I hope somebody will be interested in creating something like that. I'll be super excited mike N404
  4. Peter I appreciate your definite answer. I will stop hoping for that to be handled and try to live with it. it is quite surprising how quite a few things there are very important like the airport beacon and that text line that are actually deteriorating not getting better with "progress" of our simulation. happy landings
  5. I have been struggling with this for longest time and I can't find the solution I have tried all kinds of CFG entries as well as FSUIPC buttons but nothing works. ( I have a payware and latest version ) please help In FS9 there was a simple solution and it worked like a charm, but nothing in FSX attached is my CFG TH mike fsxCFG.zip
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