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  1. just an update as i've been playing around with this all day and found some weird stuff going on. firstly with p3dv4.5 the button that i normally assign to the park brakes for the default f22 does not work nor does any other button I choose for the park brake . but if I choose another default aircraft or a purchased addon aircraft if I select another button on my joystick for the parking brake it all works fine. and I can operate as normal. Going over to p3d v5 the button that is unresponsive in p3dv4 works fine with no problems on default or purchased addon aircraft any ideas
  2. Hi John, Well no joy on that, but have some more info. After try what masterius suggested unfortunately as soon as i unplug the stick and throttle they do not show up in device manager to remove. So I think i would probably need to remove via the reg info and I have no idea how to find the relevent sections when using regedit. I then tried your suggestion and altered the relevant lines and removed the missing joystick line. I shut down and restarted just in case and fired up p3dv4, no joy again and if i look at the ini file it show a missing joystick as C= Just out of
  3. Hi guys hopefully this is what you require. I have no idea why there continue to be duplicate entries for the joystick its really driving me nuts and I don't know what else to try I have deleted the joystick and throttle in device manager and turned the pc off but they still reappear. anyway here are the ini files and logs. I've added the joyscan as well no idea if of any use but no harm i suppose FSUIPC6.log FSUIPC6.ini FSUIPC6.JoyScan.csv
  4. Thanks guys, i will crack on with your ideas/requests and get back to you. Work commitments are getting in the way Normally i have several assignments setup, but as i was having an issue with the parking brakes, i just set one thing up to test. And as i had fsuipc setup with a single install i uninstalled and started again so i can keep both setups completely separate Thanks for help and will send you the info when i'm on days off next Rgds Pete
  5. Hi guys, I m still playing around with this but having no luck. I have uninstalled fsuipc and then reinstalled and did it one sim at a time, so i have 2 separate installs. But it made no difference. I have attatached my ini files and log files for both platforms I have only done a couple of test buttons for each. P3dv5 seems fine but p3dv4 parking brake flashes on the off again. FSUIPC6_p3dv4.ini FSUIPC6_p3dv4.log FSUIPC6_p3dv5.ini FSUIPC6_p3dv5.log
  6. thanks guys i will get back to you on that in the next day. You have got me wondering now, I will check it all first and upload files if required. regards Peter
  7. Apologies for this ,and please forgive my lack of understanding. I for many years have had no trouble setting up fsuipc on p3dv4 and v5 with the registered version. I have recently got a brand new pc and i'm reinstalling both p3dv4 and v5. I downloaded the latest version of v6 and installed it and then proceeded to set it up which works for most buttons (i'm using an x55 stick and throttle. I have no rudder pedals ). For years I have used one of the paddles on the stick to toggle my parkbrake on and off and had no problems, but today when i toggle this paddle the park brake flas
  8. Hi can anyone help as to what I should try to fix this. I have just got around to installing P3dv3 on my pc,after running p3dv2.5 happily for sometime. I downloaded the latest update 4.948 and installed with what seemed no problems.However when I start P3d now and then shutdown I get a message saying that I have errors and to check the log file. In that file I have the following errors [error.0] error=XML Syntax Error Source: C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Controls\Standard.xml Line: 1796 Column: 8 Error: Unexpected end of input (0xC00CEE01) [error.1] err
  9. thanks guys will check further Pete sorry that was a typo error rg should have said reg version
  10. Hi looking for some help as I have absolutely no idea what i'm doing I own the rg version of FSUIPC and I have the x55 hotas throttle/joystick system On the throttle there are several rotary switches which I would like to use for things like rudder trim etc but fsuipc does not recognise these in the buttons/switches tab I've looked at the list of controls and the rudder trim has the numbers of 65688 and 65690 for this but i don't know enough to add this to the .ini part of fsuipc.Can anyone point me in the right direction For any one that owns the x 55 I want to use the rty3 for this
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