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  1. Hi Volker, Back in late August you helped me, after I experienced a computer meltdown, by forwarding a copy of FSCommander. I have downloaded the software you sent but I cannot seem to get it registered. I have my old register number but where does it go to activate the program? Thanks in advance. Denis
  2. Volker, Thanks for the reply and your help. I have FS Commander working fine but am having a bit of trouble getting it to operate with FSUIPC and WideFS. I'm sure I will get it to work soon. Thanks again for your help. Denis
  3. Hi Volker, I have just suffered a meltdown of my computer which has resulted in the complete loss of FSCommander 9.6 including the downloaded setup etc. The only thing I have left is the Registration Key. Is it possible to get a new download of the program? Denis N Ripley
  4. My computer had a meltdown resulting in the loss of FSCommander 9.6. I still have the Registration Key but how do I get the program itself?

  5. Where can I find the edition number of my FSC? Denis
  6. Hi Volker, I tried to attach the .LOG file as you requested but it kept telling me the extension log file was not allowed. I used the 'Upload attachment' at the bottom of the page. Is this correct? Thanks, Denis
  7. I have FSC 8.6 working fine with FSX over a network but recently I reloaded FS9 onto an external drive and have been trying to integrate it with FSC 8.6. Running the Database Manager seems to be OK("you have correctly chosen the paths for FS2004") but when I run FSC 8.6, there doesn't seem to be any airports available. When searching for an airport I get a message sayiing "no airport for this ICAO code found". Which files does the Manager obtain the scenery information? Under the heading "Select Scenery Library path here", the path is exactly the same as the "Flight Simulator Path here" but it is greyed out. I didn't think this would be a problem as in FSX both paths are the same as well and the Scenery Library one is also greyed out. When I click on "Update Airports from FS2004", the whole download process takes about 3 seconds which seems to indicate that it isn't loading all the scenery. Any help would be appreciated. Denis
  8. For the first time I just tried to download the NAT TRacks. Has the URL changed from the one I am using from FSC 8.5 or is it just that the website is down?
  9. I have just installed a network and was looking forward to running ActiveSky 6 on the Client computer but despite my best efforts, I am getting nowhere. I read the first 2 paragraphs of your reply in the hope that they contained a clue to my problems but I don't understand them. I am not very computer literate so explainations have to be in simple terms. After loading ASv6 on the Client computer, it says 'FS Disconnected". In FS2004 it says 'FS2004 with WideServer not able to serve(see log). It looks like FS2004 is not getting through to the Client computer but why? Your comment about the firewall sounded intriguing but how do I check whether or not I have the same problem? I have FS2004 on a seperate HDD which I can access from the Client computer. My version of WideFS is 5.4. If you have any ideas which might solve my problem I would love to hear them. Denis
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