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  1. Hello all, I'm also "glad" to see I'm not the only one seeing this issue. Although I'm not an FSUIPC user as such, I've been going through similar frustrations. For those of you who don't know me, I am Michael De Feyter and I am the author of an iOS/Android app called iFMS. My app connects to FSX/P3D using a module very similar to FSUIPC, it's basically just a dll copied into a modules folder and I have the dll.xml file pointing to it to instruct FSX/P3D to load it, just like FSUIPC. The module interrogates FSX/P3D and communicates with my iFMS apps over the local network. With FS2020, I have now also had to replace the dll module by a little program that people have to keep running in the background while they run FS2020. Just like Pete has done with FSUIPC7. I was a little disappointed that we cannot create such modules that get loaded by FS2020 anymore but so be it. Maybe a nicer solution will present itself in the future. Anyway, I too am noticing a significant drop in FPS when the new connection program is running in the background. Even when no iFMS app is connected to the program. So this confirms the problem has nothing to do with FSUIPC, it's just SimConnect that is slowing down the sim significantly. I will share any findings and I'll be following this thread for any progress you guys might make on this as well, although I fear it's just a matter of waiting for MS to fix the issue. Michael
  2. You're right, that did not work.
  3. You need to take ownership of the folder, currently the "TrustedInstaller" is owner. After this you can give administrators access to the folder.
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