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  1. Thanks Volker, all understood and now rectified, thanks for the assistance. Cheers Ron
  2. Hi Volker, Back in 2010 I paid over 20 Euros to Simmarket for an upgrade from FSC ver 8.0 to FSC v9.0, I have just now downloaded ver 9.5 and the upgrade keys supplied do not allow registration of the product. Can you please give some advice on what to do next ??. Cheers Ron
  3. Hi Volker, I think (hopefully) that I may have solved the problem, I was previously running the installer directly from the winzip file as a "compressed zip folder", and now I have extracted the files from the winzip file directly to a new folder on my desktop and run the setup exe. as administrator from there. That may be the answer. Cheers Ron
  4. OK Volker, I have an idea that I may have already tried the administrator path and the OS install is a fresh install, never mind I will soldier on and try again. Thanks anyway Cheers Ron
  5. Hi Volker, A bit silly of me to leave out the important parts. Here is the relevant info' 1. FSX service pack 2 2. FSUIPC 4.9 3. FSC 9.2.2 4. FSC website version 5. XP pro 32 bit Regards Ron
  6. Hi Guys, I have used FSC off and on many times over the years without any problems, however, now, with a new install, I get a consistent problem. When I first install the program and after running the database, I remove the unwanted icons from my desktop and only keep the FSX icon. This is where my problem starts, each time I open the FSC program using the shortcut icon on my desktop it creates a whole new set of unwanted icons ???? When I use any other UNRELATED icon on my desktop to open other unrelated programs FSC starts to configure, and once again creates a whole new set of unwanted FSC icons on my desktop and then opens FSC. I don't understand what is going on, please, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Ron
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