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  1. Peter, Just wanted to let you know that my PSS Dash 8 is working finely now as I formatted the whole computer today. I've tried it twice and it is working good now, I love it. I hope it stays this way though. Thank you for your help, as Thanos said it was first class service! Good luck Thanos and drop me a message on ICQ if you need any help. Captain J
  2. I will talk to Thanos about the reporting and see what reply he gets from PSS Support. Regards, Captain J
  3. A user has sent me their .GAU, .MDL, .AIR files and I overwrited my original ones but it didn't seem to change anything. Either me or Thanos will keep you updated on how this goes and I hope PSS will look into this problem more deeply than they currently are. If you don't mind, can you please send them an email of what you think the problem is, so they know this is a problem they have to look into and it's pretty serious for the users who are experiencing it. I certainly hope to get this problem fixed soon :cry: Regards, Captain J
  4. Thank you for your help Peter, you have done all you could and I'm very grateful. Also, thank you very much for your time. I have emailed PSS Support and they will send me their working .MDL, .GAU and .AIR files. I will let you know how it goes, once again thank you.
  5. You should recieve the 'FSUIPC Log IPC Read.zip' pretty soon. I've just sent it to petedowson@btconnect.com Thank you very much for your assisting and I hope the FSUIPC log file I just sent you will be able to help you solve the problem. Thank you
  6. I am starting to think that the problem is the PSSDHC8.mdl and dash8-300.AIR files that come with PSS. However, I will give your instructions a try and send it to your email. I hope you can find a solution to this problem with the file I am going to send you, good luck! Sorry for getting your confused, I get it now. :oops:
  7. Ok, so I'm not asleep yet. Pete, it's not your fault I just didn't know what IPC reading and the logging in thing was. Where can I find the Logging page?
  8. Hello Pete, It is getting late over here in Australia so I have to get some sleep. Thanos68 might take over me on trying out the solutions and if the solution is successful he will contact me. If not, we can continue this tomorrow. Thank you very much for your help today, talk to you tomorrow. Again I say, if anyone knows a solution to this problem PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell us :cry:
  9. Peter, I've added [buttons] PollInterval=50 and it still doesn't seem to be fixing the problem. What is IPC read and how do I switch it on? I'm not very sure on what to do, sorry.
  10. Here is the FSUIPC 3.40 Log without PMDGoptions.DLL, the PSS Dash 8 still doesn't function properly.
  11. Hello Peter, I will remove PMDG Module to test whether it will work. I've only just purchased this product recently but from what I'm ready, this problem has been occuring ever since the FS2004 version of it came out. Thanos, another user who has talked to you before is having exactly the same problem and I seriously hope to have it fixed soon as I really need this aircraft. I think it'd be mostly a bug in the PSS code, if this so what can you, PSS or I do to fix this bug? I will post the log in a few minutes after I've tried it. Thanks
  12. I've just installed FSUIPC 3.40 and tested the PSS Dash 8. Unfortunately, the problem is still occuring. I don't think the problem is FSUIPC but PSS Dash 8 itself, does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem, PLEASE.
  13. Hello Peter, The problem has occured from the day I bought PSS Dash 8. The aircraft can be used on FS2004 as far as the website says. Other users can use it with no problem, it seems to be some who don't have the problem and some that do. It's random I think. I am now going to install FSUIPC 3.40 and see how it goes, I will reply back how it goes. Thank you very much with your assistance so far, it has been very helpful and I'm very grateful.
  14. Thanks for your reply Peter. No, I do not have the registered version of FSUIPC. If I don't have FSUIPC the PSS Dash 8 still doesn't function properly. The autopilot sways from side to side so I need FSUIPC, but when I have FSUIPC, it starts to freeze. I am looking forward to your new version, what time will it be released today? Also, just to let you know there are users who CAN use it and also users who have the same problem as me so I hope to get this problem fixed if anyone knows the solution. I will give your new version a try first, I really need the PSS Dash 8 so anyone who knows the solution, please help :( EDIT: No this is not a new aircraft, Phoenix Simulation Software Dash 8-300 series.
  15. Dear Peter, I seem to be having problems with my PSS Dash 8, I am not sure whether the problem is FSUIPC or PSS Dash 8 itself. I've posted on the PSS Support forum but the PSS staff doesn't seem to know what the solution is and I was just thinking maybe you might know how to fix this problem. Firstly the problem is as follows, everytime I load PSS Dash 8 up at my location, it freezes for 20 seconds, then comes back alive for a few seconds. After, it keeps repeating at about the same times. This problem makes the Dash 8 unsuable. I removed FSUIPC 3.30 from the Modules folder and the PSS Dash 8 did NOT freeze although it didn't function properly with Autopilot, the autopilot kept swaying from side to side, this of course means FSUIPC is compulsory in order to run PSS Dash 8 properly, however when I do have FSUIPC 3.30 in the Modules folder, the freezing problem comes back. I have updated ALL software I can think of, I have DirectX 9.0c, Windows XP Pro SP2, My graphics card driver is updated to the newest and everything else I can think of that might be causing this problem I have updated. I am hoping that you'd have a solution to this problem Peter or anyone else who managed to solve this problem, it'd be greatly appreciated if you can share with me how you or how to overcome this problem. I need the PSS Dash 8 very desperately! :cry: BEST Regards, Captain J
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