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  1. Hi, I recently upgraded to FSC9 and found that the subordinate information windows (STD/STAR, aircraft etc.) now have a fixed size and are not resizeable. As this size is set to about half of the screen (regardless of the window content) I find this pretty annoying, as I have a lot of open windows arranged on my secondary PC and now always need to move the FSC information window to work with it. Example: Selecting SID/STAR was easy in version 8, because the selection window was only small, was on top of the map screen and I could directly view the SID/STAR on the map while selecting it. Now I have to move the SID/STAR window to the side (which hides other information now) to be able to work with it. Is there anything wrong with my installation or is this a "design feature"? And if it is, can it be changed? Regards Boris
  2. DUH! This tickbox was so tiny, I simply didn't see it :roll: Thanks a lot Boris
  3. Hi, is it possible to program controller axes output values manually? I wold like to do this for the throttle axes. In the axis calibration window it shows the IN and OUT values. IN ranges from -16300 to +16300, OUT too when the axis is not processed. Using the idle and reverse setting does not work for the addon I want to use it with (the Eaglesoft Citation X, which is, as already discussed, not programmed according to FSUIPC standard). What happens is that as soon a negative OUT value is detected, the throttles disappear and I have only the upper half of the lever path for throttle control. So: Can I manually assign corresponding OUT values to the IN values indepentendly to the axis calibration? Throttle Full: IN +16300 / OUT +16300 Throttle Idle: IN -16300 / OUT 0 with linear characteristics (meaning having the full lever path available over the defined OUT value range). Thanks and Regards Boris
  4. Hello Pete, I may join in here, as I ran into that situation myself earlier (not with the same panel, but the same problem). I have looked into this gauge here: it is XML, and it is using Lvars - FS9 though. It affects all switches on that panel, although many of them are addressing standard FS9 functions. Does FSUIPC for FS9 also have the capability of "talking" to XML gauges? I'm pretty sure it can be done somehow; aren't many addon gauges communicating with FS via FSUIPC in the first place? Regards Boris
  5. Hi Sascha, allow me to jump in here, as the weather thing is something I'd like to know, too. I think the point is to be able to have the same weather in FSC as used in FS itself - be it real time or archived. It cuts the need for an extra tool to get FS synchronous weather information from. Because, even with real time weather there are differences between the sources. Example: Current weather at EDDF AS6.5: 22008KT 6000 -SN FEW010 BKN028 BKN130 01/M01 Q1018 TEMPO 4000 BKN014 FSC: 28007 CAVOK 05/02 Q1028 IVAO: 22008KT 2800 SN SCT006 BKN010 00/M00 Q1018 BECMG 4000 BKN013 IVAO and AS are not using the same source, but are pretty close. FSC is different (maybe more accurate, I'm currently not in EDDF to check, but still different). I use FSC as an overall inflight tool (enroute chart, airport charts, navaids, frequencies), but for the weather I have to use something else (AS mostly), because the FSC weather is so different that I sometimes find out that even a different runway is in use than what I had expected from the FSC weather reading. Same goes, of course, for archived weather. Integrates SimAvionics is a universal avionics software simulating a variety of glass cockpit avionics made by Ernie Alston, and it has its own flight plan format. Regards Boris
  6. Hi Volker, this worked before, and it works today :shock: It didn't work when I wrote that post . Well, Windows inside :D Regards Boris
  7. Hi, I'm picking up this old thread because I have the same problem. Is there another solution than to disconnect and reconnect FSC to make the GPS window stay on top of FSC? Thanks Boris
  8. Offset might have been the incorrect term here. I give an example: KOHLSMAN_INC is 65883, KOHLSMAN_DEC is 65884. With these values I can access the baro setting directly from SIOC by sending FS control 65883 or 65884 when turning a rotary encoder. Logging gives me for example this: *** EVENT: Cntrl= 65883 (0x0001015b), Param= 0 (0x00000000) KOHLSMAN_INC <-- I can see FS control 65883 for KOHLSMAN_INC FSUIPC Control Action: Ctrl=0, Param=0 I built a transponder with 2 rotaries, one for the higher two digits, one for the lower two. The function I want to use is the one I mentioned above, and it was added with one of the FSUIPC updates after the 2003 list was written (at least the function is in FSUIPC, but not in the list). For testing, I have assigned four buttons, one for each function. Log: 364453 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=2, Btn=4, Pressed 364453 [buttons] 9=P2,4,C1055,0 364453 FSUIPC Control Action: Ctrl=1055, Param=0 364578 Button changed: bRef=0, Joy=2, Btn=4, Released Here I don't see the EVENT: Cntrl= xxxxx for Xpndr High NN Inc, which increases the higer two digits. Therefore I am looking for the FS controls (is that the correct term?) for: XPndr High NN Inc XPndr High NN Dec XPndr Low NN Inc XPndr Low NN Dec And of course I did a search for transponder/XPNDR through all the FSUIPC documentation I have before posting here. Regards Boris
  9. Hello, I am looking for the offsets for the FSUIPC functions XPndr High/Low NN Inc/dec. I want to access this function directly via SIOC rather than via an FSUIPC button. The latest list of FS controls I found is from 2003, when these functions were not yet there. Thanks Boris
  10. Peter, thanks for the information. I indeed missed the fact that I hadn't the current SDK - looking at too many numbers recently and thought mine was current :? As for the realism: I agree, when you have real pedals with real resistance where you can really step on. If you really step on the CH pedals like on brakes in a real aircraft, they'll break into pieces. Here, the parkig brake is being released with the slightest input from the toe brakes, and now I can get rid of this. Regards Boris
  11. Hello, when the parking brake is set, a small input on the pedals is enough to release it. As I found in the documentation, the parking brake is not a fixed state but the application of max brake pressure. Is there a way to disable the pedal input when the parking brake is set? This would especially be convenient for the small home cockpit I am currently building :) It has a hardware parking brake switch, and I want the parking brake to be set fixed and not influenced by a pedal input. Is there probably an offset like $0310A / $0310B which allows me to deactivate the brake axes with a switch? Thanks Boris
  12. Hi, I had the same with Active Sky - whenever I started the program, my stupid system wanted to install my HP Office Jet :shock: I got rid of it by re-installing AS (later I found out that this happens when I installed the Office Jet software after Active Sky. Maybe the same works for FSC? Regards Boris
  13. Hi, is it possible to access the sound settings of FS2004 (engines, cockpit etc.) other than via the FS menu? More specific: Is there an FSUIPC variable (maybe SOUND_SET plus parameter) that lets me set the volume of engines and ATC externally with a key assignment or external hardware? Thanks and Regards Boris
  14. Good evening :) first time flying a turbuprop (the default King Air in this case) with the TQ, I experience the following problem: I have set the power and prop axes with FSUIPC 3.48 to work the full way (power to reverse and prop to feather). With the throttle in or close to idle and the prop lever at high rpm I have severe and random prop rpm drops, just as if the prop lever is being pulled to feather momentarily. This happens on either engine and with or without the filter set in FSUIPC (dunno if this has something to do with it, though). It does not happen with the axes not processed, but then I can't control reverse or feather. As this is the setting for taxi and approach, flying is not much fun with this problem :( I hope somebody can help me. Thanks Boris
  15. Hello Pete, thank you very much for this quick and detailed answer :) Boris
  16. Good Morning :) I'm looking for a documentation or description of the FS2004 controls as shown in the respective Word document. I have difficulties to assign many of the designators to specific commands (What does it do? :roll: ) and to see the difference in many similar looking controls (What is the difference between AP_AIRSPEED_HOLD, AP_PANEL_SPEED_HOLD and AP_PANEL_SPEED_HOLD_TOGGLE, for instance? :roll: ) And one more: Are these controls only the inputs or are there also outputs to use in external display hardware? Can anybody help? Thanks Boris
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