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  1. With PAN RESET COCPIT it works in all views. But... 1 - when I am switching between side views in 2D panel (e.g. left view to left back view), pan reset cocpit control is applied and cocpit panel view flashed for a very little time. (probably I will solve this through extra real button, I use one for pan reset in VC, I think that pan reset copcit control mapped on release action to this button will be work) 2 - I cannot find how to increase pan rate for panning in VC. In fs9.cfg is a function "PAN RATE" but it has not any effect to controls mapped in FSUIPC. I tried various numeric parameters to panning controls but without any result. 3 - for multiple controls on HAT is necessary to program every control as dependent on virtual joystick buttons flag. When I programed HAT directly for panning and for COM radio tuning(when flag is on j10b0), it worked together. Pete, please, a question for you. Is possible to program more than two(one to press, one to release action) controls on one key? I need to clear flags on severals button on virtual joy in one keypress.
  2. Yes, forward view on release state is solution in 2D panel. I thought about something like this but I am not sure how it will work in VC mode. In evening I will try it. Thank you Pete for your time and patience. Have a nice day js
  3. Yes, mostly I fly with helicopters and VC is very useful for maneuvers. 2D panel is much better for navigation. When I program every HAT position (buttons 32-39) for panning in FSUIPC, the view is not returning back to forward panel view from other views, when I release HAT. I discovered, that FS use for pan viewing with HAT very simple mapping. In "fs9.cfg" only value "HAT_SWITCH_MOVE=PAN_VIEW" is (or something like this, I have not FS installed here in work).
  4. I was affraid of this :( I tried to map some pan functions in FSUIPC instead in FS, but it has little other behavior in viewing. Ok, thank you Pete, now I am sure that I cannot use same buttons in FS and FSUIPC. Have a nice day js
  5. Hi, I want to use FSUIPC to program HAT switch on my MS Sidewinder ForceFeedback 2 for multiple functions. I using virtual joystick 10 and flags on his buttons. E.g. Pressing "Insert" key give flag to button 0 on joystick 10 (virtual). When flag on j10b0 is, buttons 32-39 on j0(real Sidewinder joy) gets new functions(b33,35,37,39 wil tune COM1 radio in increments). Problem is, that I use HAT switch in FS2004 controls for viewing. I thought, that when j10b0 get the flag and new functions on j0b32-39 will be, these FSUIPC programmed settings overrides FS2004 controls (HAT switch will tune radio and nothing else!!!) and when j10b0 lose the flag, FS2004 controls on HAT switch will be restored. But it work together :( With flag on j10b0 HAT switch tune radios AND moves with view :( Please, any idea for my problem? Jiri Stejskal
  6. Problem solved. This function works only with R-22 flight model, not with Bell FM. And it is not trim around lateral axis as I thought, but really lateral trim. It rotates helicopter around longitudinal axis and it worsk as aileron trim in fixed wing aircraft. Thank you Pete for your time.
  7. Without MS designers it is unsolvable thing :( Thank you for your patience, Pete.
  8. Thank you very much Pete for quick reply. Maybe these functions are implemented with new R-22 flight model. It supports rotor brake (brakes main rotor after landing and engine shutdown) and rotor clutch (when disabled, main rotor is not powered, it is useful on startup for better motor start, when motor have RPM, clutch connect motor and rotor shafts. Same as in cars). Governor function is in Bell 206 model too, it automaticly increases or decreases engine RMP when main rotor needs more or less power. I tried rotor trim function with helicopters with Bell FM. Maybe with light helos with R-22 FM it will works. Rotor lateral trim seems to me as elevator trim in fixed wing airplane. In real helicopter are systems which has equal functions as elevator trim.
  9. I found in keys and buttons mapping this function. It is not described in documentation. I thought there is not support for helicopter rotor trim in FS. Is Rotor Lateral Trim function really for heliocopter trimming? I tried it but it seems that it not works :( Jiri Stejskal
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