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  1. DC-10 v2 Discussion

    Good news soon, or is it still months away???
  2. DC-10 v2 Discussion

    Can we expect good news before Easter? :smile:
  3. Other CLS Product Support

    Bless your heart! It worked!!! From the outside the cockpit is not visible. But from inside now I CAN SEE!!! :-) Thank you so much!!!
  4. Other CLS Product Support

    Hi! Sorry if this has been asked before. I love your products! I have the DC10, 767, a330, a340, MD82/87. BUT I also run DX 10. The DC 10 I don't worry about as it soon will come in v2. But the 767, and A330/340 are of no use. The problem is the vindows of the VC cockpit are opaque. I have read somewhere that changing the alfa layer will solve the problem. I'm an idiot in these matters. But maybe it makes sense to you? Can this be resolved? Would make my day... Thanks!
  5. DC-10 v2 Discussion

    Any new hints as to release date? Looks really good.... :-)
  6. DC-10 v2 Discussion

    Aprox. ETA??? :-)
  7. After testing and saving a profile for a JF DC 8 in dry/wet/snow conditions that I was happy with, I decided to try to assign it to some other jets in my collection. However, the box where saved profiles appears, is blank, and thus this is not possible. When saving the profile for the DC 8, I got a message saying it was saved successfully. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug??
  8. No help needed obviously

    Disregard. Restored to default and moved on...
  9. After installing Fscene4X total pack all Seasons some of my default sceneries in FSX have gone down the drain. In Norway, the fjords are portrayed climbing up mountain sides, and otherwise just looks terrible. Cities also slope up mountains in unnatural angles. This is default scenerey. And it looks BAD. Have I done something wrong in the installation? I did not make a copy of my textures file. Is there any way to fix this? Can I copy a textures file from a freinds default fsx and overwrite or do I have to repair/reinstall fsx?