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  1. Volker Heine

    Magnetic Declination Errors (answered)

    That's a good question I've asked myself too. Because the calculation from FSX is based on the updated MagVar. If a measurement of the V4 is performed with the FSCommander function Measurement tool, the result = an average of 109 degrees. Regards, Volker
  2. Volker Heine

    Magnetic Declination Errors (answered)

    Hello Jim, If the file magdec has been replaced, it's necessary that the Database Manager is executed. The DbManager reads the modified MagVar data from the file magdec and transfers this data to the FlightSim Commander. MagVar at KSEA 15.4°, based on data may 2019 by Hervé Sors FSCommander direct to KYKM Hdg Mag 110 ° Routing by simulator (see screenshot) Regards, Volker
  3. Volker Heine

    Android connection (answered)

    The FlightSim Commander does not support connection to an Android app. The FSC only supports the connection via FSUIPC and WideFS. Volker
  4. Hello jfmitch, Thank you for your info and that your FSC works again. Unfortunately I could not answer you so fast because I was traveling. Good luck and keep having fun. Volker
  5. Volker Heine

    FS Flight Keeper (answered)

    Hi Thomas, I can not answer your post. You are here in the FlightSim Commander Forum. Volker btw. Never post your e-mail address and order or license number here in the forum.
  6. Volker Heine

    Island of Montserrat (answered)

    You're right. The FlightSim Commander can only read and display the airports that exist in the FSX / P3D Sim. Volker
  7. Volker Heine

    Network problem (answered)

    Hallo ???, der DataBase Manager erwartet ein Prepar3d v4 und nicht ein P3D, weil dann die zuvor erstellte Datei ScenerycfgP3D_V4.cfg zugeordnet werden kann. Volker
  8. Volker Heine

    Network problem (answered)

    Hallo ???, Wirklich nicht??? (siehe Markierungen im Screenshot) Volker
  9. Volker Heine

    Network problem (answered)

    Hallo ???, da ich DEIN Problem nicht nachvollziehen kann (siehe angefügten Screenshot) sind mir 2 Dinge aufgefallen. 1. Das macht keinen Sinn, da diese Datei nicht gelesen wird. Zuvor hast Du bereits die Datei ScenerycfgP3D_V4.cfg erstellt die der DbManager benötigt. 2. Dein Screenshot ist nicht vollständig und zeigt leider nicht, welches Laufwerk und welchen Pfad Du ausgewählt hast. Vergleiche einmal Deine Einstellungen bzw. Auswahl mit dem angefügten Screenshot. Ich denke das Du den Unterschied siehst und das bereits die Lösung für Dein Problem ist. Volker
  10. Volker Heine

    Network problem (answered)

    Hallo ???, bitte zuerst hier lesen und beantworten. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/60271-important-everyone-please-read/ Volker
  11. Volker Heine

    FSC losing connection to FSX (answered)

    Hello Adrian, Please read this first: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/60271-important-everyone-please-read/ I can't verify the problem you have described. Also here in the forum was not yet reported. I need more data from the black box. Please start the flight again and fly it until landing. Close the FlightSim Commander. If the problem occurred again, send only the complete FSC subfolder /SUPPORT to my e-mail address. You can find the address here: www.fscommander.com Regards, Volker
  12. Hello Jesse, you are welcome. Regards, Volker
  13. Hello Jesse, If the correct path has been selected then the confirmation will be at the bottom left. (see screenshot ... 001) Don't forget to activate the data exchange in the FSGRW program (see screenshot ... 002) Regards, Volker
  14. Hi, Your problem can be solved here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85148-flightsim-commander-and-et-und-vatsim-part-2-update/ Note, this version is "NOT" compatible with P3D V4.x. Volker
  15. Volker Heine

    no dep-dest c/s info (answered)

    Hello Frans, You're the only one who reproaches this problem again. Your situation is not verifiable and I can not detect a bug in the FlightSim Commander. I hope that your previous Statemant is permanent Volker

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