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  1. Volker Heine

    Fly Flight Plan (solved by user)

    Hi, Activate under Options -> Display -> Focus back to Flight Simulator Volker
  2. Volker Heine

    Fly Flight Plan (solved by user)

    Hello... Regardless of the fact thats your screenshots are too small (even if I use a magnifying glass) and does not explain anything about the different route... ... the FlightSim Commander is technically not able to control the PMDG 737 via autopilot. . The reason for this is, that the PMDG has its own autopilot and is controlled by the entries in the FMC. There must be significant differences betweenboth flight plan and/ or routes of the FlightSim Commander and your programming of the FMS. To investigate your problem I need 3 flight plans. 1. one original flight plan of the FlightSim Commander in FSC format and and one in the PMDG format. 2. and further the PMDG flight plan you programmed and saved in the FMC. You can publish the flight plans within your next post or send them to my e-mail address. You can find the address on this website: www.fscommander.com Regards, Volker
  3. Volker Heine

    missing FSX addon airports (answered)

    Hello ???, That's very, very less information. Without any ICAO code of the airports nor their manufacturers and the corresponding log files, I have no answer to your problem. Additionally I ask you to answer the following questions: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/60271-important-everyone-please-read/ Regards, Volker
  4. Volker Heine

    Simmarket Pourchasse (answered)

    Hello Marc, The key is valid for FSC 9.x and FSC 10.x. Regards, Volker
  5. Hi Yib, This is not a working flight plan. SID and STAR in your flight plan are placeholders only. These placeholders have to be replaced by current Sid's and Star's. HKJK ATUD1D.WAV WAV UM997 IMTED ASTA2B HDAM See manual chapter 5.2 Advanced techniques and attached screenshot. Regards, Volker
  6. Volker Heine

    New version for P3Dv4 (answered)

    Hello Paul, for private and personal reasons, I cannot answer this question in the foreseeable future. Regards, Volker
  7. Volker Heine

    FSC and connect to FSX (answered)

    Hallo Siegfried, wir sitzen nicht jeden Tag 24 Stunden vor dem PC. Bitte hier weiter lesen: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/86140-verbindung-vom-fc-zum-fsx/ Grüsse Volker
  8. Volker Heine

    Verbindung vom FC zum FSX (answered)

    Hallo Siegfried wir sprechen Deutsch (siehe Deutsches Handbuch) http://www.fscommander.com/files/fscmanual_german.zip Kontaktiere mich per e-mail. Meine Adresse findest Du im Handbuch und / oder auch hier www.fscommander.com Grüsse Volker H e i n e
  9. Volker Heine

    Routefinder blank page (answered)

    Hello Rog, Sorry, but I can't verify your problem. (See attached screenshots) Regards, Volker btw. Meanwhile there is a current version... https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85148-flightsim-commander-and-et-und-vatsim-part-2-update/
  10. Volker Heine

    No route showing in flightsim map (answered)

    Hi. Please read here... https://forum.simflight.com/topic/60271-important-everyone-please-read/ ... and a more detailed description of your problem would be very helpful. Volker
  11. Volker Heine

    FSC and navigraph (answered)

    Hi Bert, I can't verify your problem. (see screenshots) On which drive and in which folders are the FlightSim Commander and Navigraph Data Manager installed? Were both programs installed and run as administrator? Regards, Volker
  12. Volker Heine

    FSC and navigraph (answered)

    Hello Bert, I cannot verify the problem you have described. 1) The Database Manager has nothing to do with the installation of an Airac Cycle. 2) How the Navigraph FMS data manager works can be read in the Navigraph FMS data manager manual. In any case, the data of the Airac Cycle must be installed in the subfolder /Database of the FlightSim Commander. Regards, Volker
  13. Volker Heine

    FSC 10 error message (solved by user)

    Hello Rafael, please contact me via e-mail. My e-mail adress can be found here: www.fscommander.com Best regards, Volker
  14. Volker Heine

    FSC 10 error message (solved by user)

    Hello Rafael, The most important information you forgot to mention. Which FSUIPC version do you use? The current version is 3.999z1 and you can download it here: http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/Install_FSUIPC3999z9b.zip Thank you, I'm fine. Regards, Volker
  15. Volker Heine

    DEP-DEST don't show (answered)

    For more than 10 years nothing has been changed. Volker

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