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  1. Hi John, that's right. The FlightSim Commander can also use the unlicensed version for the "Basic" functions. Volker Heine (FSC Developer)
  2. Hello Ives, Did you read this document "completely"??Vista and Windows 7_8_10 users please read before install FSC10.pdf Both the FSX and the FSUIPC must be also run with administrator rights. Regards, Volker
  3. Hello Yves, Did you read this document before installing? Vista and Windows 7_8_10 users please read before install FSC10.pdf Did you run the file FSC10_Setup.exe as administrator? Did you run the Database Manager as an administrator? Did you run the FlightSim Commander as administrator. If you answer all questions with "YES", please send me the complete subfolder /SUPPORT as a ZIP file to my e-mail address. You can find the address here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87556-important-information-information-importante-información-importante-wichtige-information/ Also w
  4. Hello Yves Please answer the following questions as I can only assign download links for SimMarket customers. Aerosoft customers receive the download through their account. FS Commander and Database Manager which version / revision and build usedAerosoft boxed or download version or download version from our website Alternatively, you can also read this post and act. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87365-flightsim-commander-10x-update-to-version-106-build-august-2019/ Regards, Volker
  5. Hello Zisis, in the English manual you will find the following note on page 6, chapter 1.1 Hardware and software requirements: You also need a shareware version of Peter Dowson's latest Fsuipc4 for connecting the FlightSim Commander with FS X This FSUIPC4 can be downloaded for free here: http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/Install_FSUIPC4975a.zip Open the link in a new tab or copy the link above into a browser... Volker
  6. Hello, On Saturday December 12th 2020 at 21:02 UTC I answered your email as follows ... Hello, Unfortunately I cannot help you. We are exclusively the manufacturer of the FlightSim Commander. You bought the product from Aerosoft who also provided you with a serial number. Only Aerosoft creates this number and also the installation software. Please contact Aerosoft Support. (support@aerosoft.zohodesk.com) Best regards, Volker Heine
  7. Hi, please read in the manual ... chapter 1.1 Hardware and software requirements, paragraph 3 ... "Make sure that the font size on your system is set to normal:" .... Volker
  8. Hi, we need a little more information. Please read here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/60271-important-everyone-please-read/ Volker
  9. The registration data were not entered in FlightSim Commander. Volker
  10. Then I expect the key data by e-mail. (see my posting above) Please send me also the complete subfolder /SUPPORT from the FSC10 folder as a ZIP file. Volker
  11. Hi David, Please answer the following questions; FlightSim Commander and Database Manager which version / revision and build used Was the installation of FlightSim Commander carried out as an administrator? If YES, send me the registration key to my email address. You can find my address here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87556-important-information-information-importante-información-importante-wichtige-information/ Volker
  12. ... please read here... https://forum.simflight.com/topic/60271-important-everyone-please-read/ Volker
  13. Hi Rob, You're right, it can't be an FSC problem if it worked before. I don't see any connection between your problem and the MFS installation. In order to better investigate the problem, open the FSC10 folder and send me the complete subfolder /SUPPORT as a ZIP file to my e-mail address. You can find the e-mail address here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87556-important-information-information-importante-información-importante-wichtige-information/ Volker
  14. Hello Rob, Download and read the attached document. Pay particular attention to the installation and execution of FSC.EXE as administrator. Regards, Volker Vista and Windows 7_8_10 users please readbefore install FSC10.pdf
  15. Hello Yves, I programmed the FlightSim Commander and there is not a single line of source code that can even come close to deactivating the DISCORD program. I use DISCORD myself and cannot confirm your statement. Regards, Volker
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