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  1. Hello, A file fsc_ivaodat does not exist in the FlightSim Commander. Only the file fsc_ivao.dat is available for download. The above The file has nothing in common with the FSC_IVAC.TXT file. In addition, it's not responsible for VatSim. You may have deleted the file!? Surely you have a backup. If not write me an email. You can find the address below. Cheers Volker https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87556-important-information-information-importante-wichtige-information/ 
  2. The FSC only supports FS9, FSX and FSUIPC. Volker
  3. Hello Frans, I don't understand your question. Altitude is a client for the user. The FSC prepare hosted data visually for the user. Or is your question aiming in a different direction? If YES then explain it to me and don't let me die unknowing. Regards, Volker
  4. Hello Jesse Garcia, Thank you for the Christmas greetings. I also wish you happy holidays and best wishes for the new year 2020. Kind Regards, Volker Heine
  5. Hello Frans, Sometimes it is advisable and helpful to read the manual. In Chapter 12.1 Operation - AutoHeading mode you will find the answer to your question. Controlling a PMDG with the AutoHeading mode of the FSC would mean, that the outstanding technology of the PMDG is not used. However, that would be very unfortunate and you would not enjoy a unique, fantastic development of this aircraft. Volker
  6. I am confused with your response to my problem. I was not able to fix the VATSIM boundaries problem. All I did was explain why I changed the server information within the urlvatsim.ini file. I still have the issue of no ATC airspaces showing on my flight map once I load the live Vatsim data. When I disconnect from the Vatsim network all of the airspaces reappears.

    Thank you,

    Aaron R. Harvey

  7. Hello Aaron, It is always the best solution that the user takes care of. Many thanks. Volker
  8. Hello Aaron, Please read here first: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/60271-important-everyone-please-read/ I can't verify your problem. See current screenshot from today. Version 10.6 has not changed anything regarding VatSim. Is the information shown in the screenshot displayed in the top after the download? In your next response, please show me the contents of the file in ...\FSC\Database\Online\urlvatsim.ini Regards, Volker
  9. Hello Alain, Sometimes it is a good idea to visit the forum. Regards, Volker
  10. Hello Alain, Please read this first: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/60271-important-everyone-please-read/ Your version 10.0 is not up to date. Please read here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87365-flightsim-commander-10x-update-to-version-106-build-august-2019/ Regards, Volker
  11. These are the little nasties of Windows. Keep on having fun. Volker
  12. Hello J J Gómez Prieto, The option Flight plan for QualtityWings was implemented many years ago as * .pln format. If QW currently uses a different format, a change is no longer possible. Best regards, Volker
  13. IVAO Airspace File ( 2019-12-06 ) * New December 2019 New !!! Updated IVAO Airspace data available. You will find the download at the end of this announcement Les nouvelles données IVAO espace aérien disponible. Vous trouverez le téléchargement à la fin de cette annonce Aktualisierte Airspace Daten erhältlich. Den Download finden Sie am Ende dieses Announcement Volker fsc_ivaodat.zip
  14. Hello Jesse, FRQ is just a "send" or "one-way" button. The color says nothing about the condition. All other buttons indicate the state via the color. Which page of the GPS window is active or not. Best regards, Volker
  15. Hello Jesse, I can not verify the problem you have described. At the function Transfer Frq. has not changed for more than 15 years. (Exception below) VOR, NDB and ILS frequencies can be transferred with the left mouse button to the following position: (see markings in FSC_001, FSC_002 screenshot) VOR, NDB and ILS frequencies can be transferred with ALT and left mouse button to the following position in the map: (see markings in FSC_003 screenshot) New exception VOR and NDB frequencies can be selected and transmitted in the popup window: (see markings in FSC_004 screenshot) Regards, Volker 001 002 003 004
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