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  1. Volker Heine

    Cant Get Database to Load (answered)

    Hello Chris, I have heard it said that to err is human. You are welcome. Volker
  2. Volker Heine

    Cant Get Database to Load (answered)

    Hello Chris, Look at the attached screenshot. Do you see the difference between your and my screenshot? Especially on the left side! Please read also the documentation and look at the screenshots shown there. Regards, Volker
  3. Volker Heine

    FSC Version 10 (answered)

    Hello Ives, There are no improvements or news. The version can only be used for FS9 and FSX. P3D is no longer supported. Regards, Volker
  4. Hello Tommy, Did you make different settings between the different versions? (see the screenshot) Regards, Volker
  5. Hello Tommy, I can't verify your problem. (See attached screenshots) Versions 9.x and 10.x connected in parallel mode. current altitude 14,400 ft - Sink rate 1000ft Target Altitude 10,000 ft - Distance 22.3 nm ETA 00:05 minutes The rate of descent display is never displayed on the ARC. Regards, Volker FSCommander 9.x. --------------------------------- FSCommander 10.x
  6. Volker Heine

    FSC Version 10 (answered)

    Hello Yves, Before you agree to uninstall, copy (do not move) the entire folder to a another drive or USB stick. Then for uninstalling and reinstalling through. Now you can copy the backup to the old position and you can use both versions. Regards, Volker
  7. Volker Heine

    FSC Version 10 (answered)

    Bonjour Yves, S'il vous plaît lire ce lien. Important! Selon votre vendeur décidez quel téléchargement est le bon pour vous. Cordialement Volker https://forum.simflight.com/topic/84902-flightsim-commander-10-has-been-released-le-fsc-10-á-été-publié-der-fsc-10-wurde-veröffentlicht/
  8. Volker Heine

    FSC Version 10 (answered)

    Bonjour Yves, La mise à jour de FlightSim Commander de la version 9.x à la version 10 est gratuite. * Cordialement Volker * Comme je ne parle pas un mot de français, la traduction vient de Google. Si incompréhensible s'il vous plaît se plaindre à Goggle.
  9. Volker Heine

    Airport duplicate entries... (answered)

    Hello Ken, In summary, these are always airports that carry the prefix ADE_*** in the file name. These files can't be read by the Database Manager. Please read also here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/84291-important-wichtig-reference-databasemanager-ver-97x-lm-prepar3d-v41/ Rgards, Volker
  10. Hi jparnold, However, a combination of flight plan and path makes sense. Regards, Volker
  11. Hello yib, The paths for QW can not currently be changed in the FSC10. Regards, Volker
  12. Hello, Your saved flight plan can be found in the path you entered in the Save/Load Flight Plan Window -> Paths tab. Volker
  13. Volker Heine

    Airport duplicate entries... (answered)

    Hi Ken, After you have again run the DbManager, please send the complete folder /Support to my e-mail address. You can find them here: www.fscommander.com , Regards, Volker
  14. Volker Heine

    FS COMMANDER 9.0 (answered)

    Olá Fernades Infelizmente tenho que te informar que não entendo português. Também uma tradução via tradutor do Google não fazia sentido. Por favor, escreva um e-mail em inglês. Meu endereço de e-mail pode ser encontrado aqui: www.fscommander.com . Antes disso, por favor leia aqui https://forum.simflight.com/topic/60271-important-everyone-please-read/ e responda as perguntas com o seu e.mail. Por favor, não use letras maiúsculas. Soa como "gritando alto". Cumprimentos Volker Hello Fernandes, Unfortunately I have to inform you that I do not understand Portuguese. Also a translation via Google translator made no sense to me. Please write an e-mail in English. My e-mail address can be found here: www.fscommander.com . Before that, please read here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/60271-important-everyone-please-read/ and answer the questions with your e.mail. Please do not use capital letters. It sounds like "loud screaming". Regards, Volker
  15. First of all, I will take a break of about 3 months. Will there be a new version of the FlightSim Commander? The answer "Maybe"! Volker

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