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  1. Hello Yves,

    FlightSim Commander has no influence on the display of VatSim or other online data.

    If the "AI" button has been activated in the FSC, the FSC is ready to receive the online data from the FSX.

    The prerequisite is that VatSim has sent the participants' online data to the FSX
    and that these have been received by the FSX.

    If the participants are visible in the FSX, they should be forwarded to the FlightSim Commander and displayed as AI.


  2. Hello Koen,


    The new files are found in  : FS Commander\Database\FS10. 

    This is the wrong folder. The Airac cycle only belongs in the folder Drive:\FS Commander\Database.


    But when I add a NavAid, that doesn't show in FSC, altough that the navaid is working in FSX (it even shows in the gps of FSX)

    Please send me via E-mail the Afcad file of the airport to which the ILS was assigned to.
    You can find the E-mail address here:

    Best regards,


  3. Hallo Juan,

    Your data will be registered without errors. See the attached screenshot.

    Are you sure that you started FlightSim Commander as an administrator to complete the registration?
    Are you sure that the installation was performed as an administrator?
    Are you sure that the installation was NOT performed under c: /Programs?
    See also the note from "JGAR".

    If your answer is "YES" in all points, please contact me by email.
    You can find my address here:




  4. Dennis

    I do not read a sentence from which I can tell that I am angry.
    I try to support where it seems necessary.

    48 minutes ago, Dennisss said:

    The path for Navigraph I chose is C /Aerosoft/FSC10/Database.is that not correct?

    This is the path in which the FlightSim Commander expects the data.
    However, if the data, according to your information on Airac.ini and on the intro screen, is not available,
    the FlightSim Commander is not responsible for it and cannot influence it.

    The really important question is the following.
    Why did the Navigraph program work correctly until Verion 2006 and no longer with versions 2007 and 2008?
    So what has changed?
    Has the installer been changed without notice (unlikely) or is there an operator error?
    And why can FlightSim Commander be responsible?



  5. Dennis,


    On the DB Manager, it is in GREEN and says that I have chosen correctly the paths. 

    I am very irritated by this statement from you.

    Neither the Database Manager nor the FlightSim Commander have anything to do with the installation of the Airac Cycle.

    As I wrote in the previous threed:
    The program (Airac Cycle) fsc_2008.exe installs the data of the Airac Cycle in the subfolder / Database of the FSCommander.
    The prerequisite is the correct selection of the FSC root folder.

    Look at the attached screenshot.




  6. Wenn Du es besser weißt.

    Ich sehe nur das in der rechten Spalte nicht Das angezeigt wird was dort angezeigt werden sollte.
    Und in der linken Spalte sehe ich Etwas was dort nicht hingehört.

    Es liegt an Dir ob Du mein Wissen akzeptierst oder nicht. Es ist kein Muss.

    Definitiv liegt es NICHT am Database Manager.
    Wie auch, wenn dieser bisher seit 2017 funktioniert hat.

    Da der FlightSim Commander und Database Manager keine künstliche Intelligenz besitzen,
    können sie auch nicht selbstständig irgendwelche Änderungen vornehmen. 



  7. Hello Dennis,

    The program fsc_2008.exe provides the FlightSim Commander with correct installation.
    The DatabaseManager reads only the data from the flight simulator.
    So the one has nothing to do with the other

    The decisive factor is not what you read in the Airac.ini file
    but which cycle is displayed in the intro screen of the FlightSim Commander.
    See below.



    FSC_Airac Cycle.jpg

  8. Hallo Reinhold,

    Wichtigste Frage; was wurde nach der letzten funktionierenden Bedienung verändert?

    Da der FlightSim Commander keine künstliche Intelligenz besitzt,
    kann er nicht selbstständig irgendwelche Änderungen vornehmen.


    warum funktioniert oder findet der FSCDbManager den Datenpfad nicht mehr.

    Wie aus Deinem Screenshot ersichtlich, hast Du den Prepar3D V4 Ordner verschoben. 

    Das ist die Antwort und die Ursache war ... ... der User.




  9. Hello Jim,

    Unfortunately I cannot verify your problem.
    In this context I also have a problem with your incomplete answers to my post.

    my post
    Posted Thursday at 05:33 PM

    No answer and/or screenshots whether the options were used correctly

    Posted Saturday at 06:29 AM
    No answer whether the settings regarding the administrator were followed.

    Instead, a new installation was carried out with a subsequent message Run-time error ‘462’:
    that I have never seen in 25 years of FlightSimCommander.


    I have FSC 10.6. It was working a month ago

    I also miss an answer to my question "what has changed since it last worked properly"

    I need a little more cooperation, so I think we should start again from scratch

    Please read and answer this announcement first.

    Then please send me the complete subfolder /SUPPORT of FSCommander as a ZIP file via e-email.

    You can find my e-mail address here.



  10. Hi,

    Two things are crucial.
    Which version and build of GE was installed? (There are x version / builds) ***.
    The installation path for GE cannot be selected.
    In the FSCommander menu -> Options -> Online -> Folder Google Earth (depending on the version)
    either the main folder Google Earth or the sub-folder client must be selected.


    *** Currently I have installed:
    Google Earth -> (32-bit) (not a Pro version)
    Build date -> 1/17/2017

  11. Hallo Siegfried ???,


    Jetzt 2  Varianten FSC in 2 Ordnern, eine ok, einer halbwegs...     Was tun?  (Ratschlag per eMail o.ä erwünscht)

    Das lässt sich von hier aus nicht beurteilen.
    Schade das Sie keinen Screenshot angefügt haben.

    Beide de-installieren.
    Danach entscheiden welche Version für Sie die wichtigste ist, denn da die Version 9.6 Rev 7 beide Simulatoren bedient macht 10.6 zusätzlich keinen Sinn.

    Für mich wäre noch wichtig die Ursache der Meldung zu kennen.
    In diesem Fall senden Sie mir bitte von der Version 10.6 den kompletten Unterordner /Support als ZIP Datei an meine e-mail Adresse.
    Die Adresse finden Sie hier:






  12. Wichtigste Frage; was wurde nach der letzten funktionierenden Bedienung verändert?

    Da der FSCommander keine künstliche Intelligenz besitzt,
    kann er nicht selbstständig irgendwelche, den Anwender ärgernde, Änderungen vornehmen.
    Ein Error 500 wird in der Programmiersprache nicht dokumentiert.
    Wird eine Meldung angezeigt von der ein Screenshot gefertigt und hier veröffentlicht werden kann?


  13. Quote

    One problem I've faced, wit the interface between FSC and FSGRW, when I go to load the FS GRW into FSC10 it says the folder is incorrect and to check the path.  The option for FSGRW is then greyed out until I restart FSC.

    The selection of the correct path in the folder FSGRW is crucial.
    A detailed description can be found on page 39 of the FlightSim Commander 10  manual.
    I added page 39 below.


    Is there any other way of resetting the option to download FSGRW other than restarting the programme?




    FlightSim Commander 10.0 - Supplement Manual - Page 39.pdf

  14. Hello Frans,


    Do you have a conclusion for this?

    In a reply to a post you made in April, I wrote the following:

    What has changed since yesterday?
    The FlightSim Commander is not so intelligent that it independently makes any changes that the user did not make.

    You will now understand that I have no idea what's going on on your computer.
    I can only offer you to send me the complete subfolder /SUPPORT of the FSC by e-mail as a ZIP file.
    You can find my e-mail address here:





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