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  1. Hello Dennis, There is definitely no worm embedded in the FlightSim Commander. It's a false / positive message. It would be helpful for me if you had sent me the source, i.e. the url of the download, as well as the name you determined and the type of the alleged worm by email, before this post was published here in the forum. I recommend reading the document ReadMe_all_Norton_User_before_Install.pdf in the /Doc folder. The FlightSim Commander contains a number of functions that make it necessary to act "very close to the system". Some "less intelligent tools" don't like that. It's not necessary to renew the installation files, as they are free of viruses etc. from the official download sources. Volker Heine
  2. Hello Frans, The wind is not transmitted from FSGRW to the FSC. How should the FSGRW be able to do that? The weather and thus the wind is always transferred from the simulator to the FSC! However, I cannot confirm that the version of FSC you are using is compatible with P3D V5 and FSUIPC6. Volker
  3. Hallo Michael, To answer your question in detail, I recommend reading the manual, chapter AFIL (air filed) and ZZZZ flight plans (pages 42 - 45). This type of flight plan can be "NOT" saved. Standardly flight plans lead from a specific departure airport to a specific destination airport and can be saved. Best regards, Volker
  4. Why? The file can only be downloaded if a registered user has logged in. These are the rules of the operator "SimFlight Network" Volker
  5. Selbst eine Datensatzbeschreibung würde nicht weiterhelfen. Der Datensatz des Flugplan ist fix. Warum sollte man hier die ILS Frequenz eintragen? Die ILS Frequenz wird der CDU durch den aktiven Airac Cycle zur Verfügung gestellt. Volker Heine
  6. Hallo, lt. Datensatzbeschreibung der Airbus Entwickler existiert kein "Keyword" für die Eintragung einer ILS Frequenz in einen Flugplan. Volker Heine
  7. .... wurde bereits per e_mail beantwortet. Volker
  8. Hallo Reinhold, mit Deiner Frage bist Du hier im falschen Forum. Das passende Forum findest Du hier: Airport Inspector and Editor Volker
  9. Hello Yves, No, this is not possible. Volker
  10. Hallo Luis, Ist nicht Prepar3D kompatibel und das bleibt auch so. Gruß Volker
  11. Hello Frans, I have not found a post here in this forum that even describes your problem. I have also not received any emails on this subject. Have you thought about whether the problem could be the autopilot of the plane or a mistake by the pilot? Volker
  12. Hello Frans, If it were a problem with the FlightSim Commander, you would read about it here in the forum. If it worked flawlessly before, why should it stop working 24 hours later? Volker
  13. Hello Frans, as I have already written; The FlightSim Commander is not so intelligent that it independently makes any changes. If it were a problem with the FlightSim Commander, you would read about it here in the forum. So again the question of what has been changed in the meantime. I don't find a Beech Kingair BE80 as a standard aircraft in the FSX. I recommend reading the manual for this type of aircraft to see if there are any special settings for operating the autopilot. Volker
  14. Hello Frans, What has changed since yesterday? The FlightSim Commander is not so intelligent that it independently makes any changes that the user did not make. The AutoHeading function only works on aircraft that use the simulator's standard autopilot. (read also manual). Unfortunately, you have not listed the type of aircraft. Volker
  15. Your description of the situation leads me to ask you this question: Are you absolutely sure that you haven't swapped the monitors or their connections on the graphics card in the meantime? Run the FSCommander again and select Sid / Star / Trans windows one after the other. Close the FSCommander. Then send me the complete FSC subfolder /SUPPORT zipped to my email address. You can find my e-mail address here ... https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87556-important-information-information-importante-wichtige-information/
  16. I forgot to ask what has changed in the meantime. The FSCommander has no artificial intelligence and changes any settings independently. This also applies to any changes to the hardware. Unfortunately I cannot verify your problem. If the problem was caused by the FSCommander, there will certainly be the relevant postings here. I recommend the following attempt: Physically remove monitor 2 and restart the PC with only one monitor. Start the FSCommander again and then report the result here in the forum. Volker
  17. Hi, Please read here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/60271-important-everyone-please-read/ Regards, Volker
  18. Hello Martin Did you read this announcement? https://forum.simflight.com/topic/88664-unable-to-load-vatsim-data-important-for-vatsim-users/ Regards, Volker
  19. Hello Ken, I am happy to hear that the tip was the solution. I will tell my friend that he is "a bright, smart head". Especially when the sun shines on him. Take care, Volker
  20. Hello Ken, a programmer around me, to whom I explained your problem, explained the following phenomenon to me. In very rare cases it can happen, if another program is started before or during the start of FSCommander, this other program occupies the window of FSCommander and does not release it again. Before uninstalling, I would try to start FSCommander as a first and only program before or after all other programs you need while flying. As a SimMarket customer, (not required for Aerosoft customers). make sure to save the Register.fsc file or since the file Register.fsc can not be replaced in case of loss, I recommend you to print the data of this file. In the MENU of the FlightSim Commander you can under About -> Register print the data of the file Register.fsc. I also recommend backing up the following files: \fsccolor.ini \fsc.ini \User\Blackbox User\Logbook.fsc User\aircraft.fsc User\BuddyIvao.fsc User\BuddyVatsim.fsc \Flightplan\FSC \Database\UserWP.txt \Database\UserObj.txt Best regards, Volker
  21. Hello Ken, I cannot verify your problem. None of the over 12,000 posts here in the forum report this problem. The intro window cannot be switched off by a parameter during the loading process. Best regards, Volker
  22. Hello Frans, What do you want to tell me with this title? Which format? ??? What is it and what do you mean by the text? ??? What have you changed since yesterday? The FSCommander is not so intelligent by changing something on its own. A precise, detailed description of the problem would be very helpful to me. Volker #stayathome
  23. Hello Taff, please read here... https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87365-flightsim-commander-10x-update-to-version-106-build-august-2019/ Regards, Volker
  24. Hello Vince, there is definitely no difference when registering the FSCommander on a server or client in a network. Please read the announcement and pay attention to the information regarding the installation as administrator. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/71602-important-information-on-registration-installation-and-use-of-fscommander/ Best regards, Volker
  25. Hello Vyacheslav, I cannot verify your problem. Please take a screenshot shortly before the error appears and one with the error messages. Send these both screenshots to my email address. You can read my address here. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87556-important-information-information-importante-wichtige-information/ Best regards, Volker
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