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  1. Again after 6 hours in flight lost simconnect, i wil paste the last lines of the log because i didnt find the word "error" ps i have both p3dv4 and p3dv5 side by side installed. Fsuipc 5 for p3dv4, Fsuipc 6 for p3dv5 if this matters? the last lines shows this, < 23806.97224 [130] Event: 23 < 23806.97229 [131] Event: 6 < 23806.97231 [133] Event: 1 < 23806.97232 [134] Event: 1 < 23806.97234 [135] Event: 1 < 23806.97235 [517] Event: 2 < 23806.97237 [140] Event: 1 < 23806.97238 [141] Event: 1 < 23806.97239 [142] Event: 1 < 23806.97241
  2. Here u go sir John, do i increase the max clients in the fsuipc.ini? FSUIPC6.ini
  3. Hello sir John and Pete, the simconnect lost problem is back in P3D5.1 after 6 hours in flight, i try to replicate it now with simconnect log enabled. The file become very large (3gb atm), can u see or conclude something already if i post the log file or do i wait few hours more untill vpilot and my controls input etc dont responds anymore ?Thanks in advance. ps how do i post it if im only allowed max 4.88mb upload?
  4. ok thats why its not deleting thats a pitty, thank u for the answer sir John
  5. Hello sir Pete or John, i cannot delete the autosaves from the maddog x in the folder, it now grows and grows and i have eveerything setup correctly, i add the ini file in attachement , can u have a look, its the line "alsomanage35", thank you. FSUIPC5.ini
  6. Hy John, i updated fsuipc (was older version), rex skyforce for p3dv5 (suspected), installed the simconnects redists from p3d5, active sky also updated, gsx update and pmdg did also a micro-update sincerely
  7. a ok thank u sir John, the simconnect issue seams to be solved by updating some products, thanks very much for your time and reply, greetings
  8. Hello mr Dowson, i tried to logging but it gives no output, can u check my simconnect.ini file that i send in attachement, i used the same that was in my doucuments p3dv4 files folder,thanks. SimConnect.ini
  9. Strange that in p3d4 which i still use, this issue not occurs, im flying very long legs with no problem, only p3d5 is affected. Thanks sir John, happy days to u, greetings
  10. I also had this issue in all versions of p3dv5 since the beginning and not using Rex Skyforce anymore seems to stop the simconnect loss after 6,7, .. hours in flight, will test more. Can anyone confirm?
  11. it works now, after restart pc and the fxml. method thanks all
  12. thank u sir i will try that tomorrow with the fxml. method
  13. it doesnt work my documents folder in panelstate is full of saved flights
  14. Hy sir thanks for answering, so,u mean only before the .sav the FLT and the rest without? Will try tomorrow but i doubt if it will work. Will let u know. Thanks
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