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  1. You only need the first one. I've never put two in there.


    Just on FSX PC? I'm not sure if i understand well

    Just to report, i managed to do this - on both, FSX PC and Laptop. In FS9 ocasional stutters are gone, i will test FSX tomorow. This days i had some stutters in FSX everytime i used VA Acars, this is why i decided to assign IP. I didn't have stutters before networked configuration...

  2. Described where?

    In manual that comes with WideFS, it is in "Possible Gotchas" section ^_^

    The first three numbers MUST be the same as your router IP address first three.

    This was not described, and this is what i did wrong. Anyway, i don't have experience with networking, but with FSX/FS9 man must learn many things...

    Thank you Pete for this detailed explanation, and thank you for your enormous contribution to our hobby. FSX would never be so good without FSUIPC and WideFS, all your stability fixes and improvements


  3. Hi Everyone,

    this is my very first post in this forums. I'm using FSUIPC for a long time. Recently i decided to move all my external applications to second PC, for smoother FSX and better acces to applications. So, everything connects and works perfect, i have only one question:

    How to assign IP's to my networked PC's? I found this line in WideFS manual:

    "Incidentally, assigning specific IP addresses to your PCs in this way also helps reduce periodic but regular stutters in Flight Simulator, caused by the Network drivers querying the Network to get an address assigned"

    Becouse smoothnest is my primary concern, i'd like to eliminate even a posibility of "periodic but regular stutters".

    I tried like described, but not worked for me - my network disapears when i do that. Maybe i did something wrong, becouse this is my first networking :)

    I have main FSX PC + laptop for all applications. Main FSX PC is connected via cable, and laptop use wireless. I'm using default homegroup, both PC's are Windows 7 / 64bit.

    Do i need to create new network for this? If so, what is the best option, VPN?


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