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  1. Unfortunately it does have a limitation being maximum 1280 x 720. Even if i set it in windowed mode, it automatically adjusts to 1280 x 720
  2. Resizing does not give you a 1366x768 resolution and that's what I'm after. Windows mode already covers the full screen. Maybe I'm not clear on what I'm asking. The game only gives you a max 1280x768 setting.... I'm after 1366x768
  3. Thanks but that still doesn't give me an option to set the resolution to 1366x768. Is there a patch as such to fix this? Thanks, Fred
  4. Hey team, Is there a way that Tower 2011 can be set to run in 1366x768 resolution on integrated onboard graphics for a laptop? Regards, Fred
  5. How can we set the resolution to 1366x768? Is there a way? Fred
  6. Would be honored to be a beta tester.
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