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  1. I installed Mytraffic 6 onto my daily machine for to try out with Fsx Steam edition and works like a charm. I am seriously thinking about putting it on my main flight machine for p3d, Would i need to purchase 2 copies for this? Here are a few shots from this evening, nice to see cargo planes and I was pleasently surprised to see a chinook fly over Luton Airport this afternoon Awesome work Burkhard :smile:
  2. This is excellent news Burkhard, I will finally have some traffic in my skies for P3D. I have one question regarding installation. I also have another PC with FSX steam edition running, Do i need to purchase two versions or would one be ok ( obviously not running at the same time) Kind regards Darran
  3. I feel a bit of a fool :wacko: I found out the reason why the controls stop working, Its to do with the hydraulic pressure droping to zero when i set the plane to cold and dark. Once I power up APU etc and hydraulics the controls work fine.
  4. Hello I am having a problem when trying to use FSUIPC with the Quality Wings 146. I have set the controls in p3d itself to be ignored and configured my axis to be sent direct to FSUIPC ( i have a Cesna pro flight yoke and throttle set). All works ok but after about 5 seconds the throttle and yoke stop working. It only appears to happen as soon as i activate the cold and dark state on the FMC .This seems to be the only aircraft I am having problems with. I have also posted on the QW forums. If I set the yoke and throttles to be controlled from the sim itself they work all the time Can anyone help me out? kind regards Darran
  5. Thank you for your replies guys, Silly me was doing it the wrong way round so have it all sorted now :)
  6. Hello I have just bought the full version of FSUIPC and am trying to get it to work with my Saitek Cessna yoke and throttle quadrant. I have disabled joystick within FSX and have sorted the thottle quadrant with no problem but I am having issues with the yoke. So far I have managed to configure the yoke on the Axis assignment page and it shows Alerons/ elevator etc but I have noticed that when flying it seems a bit too sensitve and the plane wanders on the taxiway. I think i need to set a deadzone within FSUIPC? I have clicked on the Joystick calibration tab and made sure its set to 1 of 11 main flight controls. Then I have pressed the set button directly under where it says Alerons direct I turn my yoke full right and press the set button on max but all i hear is a notification sound and the number does not change. I have also tried setting full left and it does the same thing. Occasionally it works and the number changes for one of the parameters but it never works for all three Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong kind regards Darran
  7. Thank you for the advice, I have decided to go for the full version due to the bigger choice of airlines :)
  8. Thank you for your reply Burkhard Are there any performance differences between My Traffix lite and 5.4b professional when it come to framerates?. I am quite happy to run at low settings and just have real airlines and am tempted to go for the professional version.
  9. Hello, I have been looking at the various traffic AI programs available for FSX and I would like to purchase My Traffic 5.4b, however as my system is not a high end system I am a bit concered at what Frame rates I will get and wondered if anyone can tell me if my system can run this program. My system is as follows E5500 dual core 2.8ghz processor Windows Vista 32bit 4Gb Ram Ati Radeon 4870 HD 512mb I get good frame rates with the following settings Global texure resoultion Very high Scenery LOD Large Detailed clouds Airline traffic density 30% Mesh complexity 90 cloud coverage denisty high GA density 30% Mesh Resolution 10m cloud draw distance 60miles Airport vehicle Minimum Texture Resolution 7cm All land and sea 25% Water Effects mid 2x Scenery complexity Dense Autogen density dense Many thanks Darran
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