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  1. Hi Volker, Today I see on the download webpage a new version of the IVAO airspace file. This is really good news! So the communication with IVAO had a succesful ending? Thanks a lot! Best regards, Snoopy
  2. Hi NaMcO, Thanks for sharing this information. You mean by .js files the https://webeye.ivao.aero/js/firs.js javascript file? This file contains indeed all the coordinates for the FIR's. Volker, can you use the information in this file to create a new fsc_ivao.dat file? By writing a small program it is very easy I believe. In the fsc_ivao.dat file I see for every control zone an header line which contains the following information: ;Field 1 ICAO code (preceded by #) ;Field 2 Subtype (may be empty) ;Field 3 country code ;Field 4 name ;Field 5 airspace type ;Field 6 latitude position for entire airspace ;Field 7 longitude position for entire airspace ;Field 8 Authority (may be empty) I don't know where we can find this information. NaMcO, is this also somewhere in the js files, or do you get this information on another location? Best regards, Snoopy Belgium
  3. Dear Volker and Terence, Thanks a lot for your fast reply! I have opened this thread because on your forum and on the EFB forum I was reading that IVAO didn't publish any new FIR data anymore. Only recently EFB could solve this problem and they are shipping the new IVAO data in their latest update. You can read it yourself on their forum (http://aivlasoft.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/2081-current-ivao-data/?hl=ivao). They had contact with Mr. John Swaney (IVAO Public Relations Assistant Director, email prad@ivao.aero) and he has supplied them with the new data. So maybe you can make contact with this person to receive it also. In case you don't have any contact link with IVAO, I know some IVAO people from softdev personally because I live close to Brussels and I have met them on some events. So in case you need some assistance, just let me know. EFB is delivering the new data in their latest update. You can download this update (http://aivlasoft.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/2117-public-beta-version-166/) and install it (you don't need EFB for installing it), you can find the latest IVAO data files in your documents folder. Best regards, Snoopy Belgium
  4. Dear Mr. Heine, Last weekend I was online flying on IVAO in Germany. The control areas shown on the IVAO webeye and in FS commander did not match, so it was difficult to see when I had to connect to the control zone and to which control zone. The IVAO dat file that can be downloaded on your website is rather old (2014), so probably it is time to have an update of it. I have read on this forum that IVAO did not publish any updates anymore, so in the past it was not possible for you to deliver this update. But on the forum of another flighttool (EFB from Aivlasoft) I read now that they have received a new update of the IVAO data (their dat file was even older because of 2013) and they are distributing it with now their latest update. Would it be possible to deliver the new IVAO dat file also on the FS Commander website? Best regards, Snoopy Belgium
  5. Hi Pete, I have made a test flight in FSX today and it worked again perfectly with the new update 4.934f . So thanks a lot for the solution! Best regards, Snoopy_belgium
  6. Hi Pete, Thanks for your reply. I always keep my FSUIPC up to date. So the previous version was the version that was on the website before the version 4.934 was launched. I was using FSUIPC since the beginning of this year until version 4.934 in FSX without any problems. Since version 4.934 the disconnect problem started again (like it happened without using FSUIPC). I will try the new version 4.934f to see if it can solve the problem. Thanks a lot, Snoopy_belgium
  7. I use FSUIPC for FSX an Prepar3D in Windows 8.1. It worked perfectly for both sims, but after the upgrade to the latest version FSUIPC4 4.934 it doesn't work anymore in FSX. FSX looses its connection many times to the saitek joystick and rudder pedals. So there must be a change in the latest update that causes these problems in FSX. In Prepar3D everything is still ok with the latest version. Best regards, Snoopy_belgium
  8. Hi Volker, I have downgraded again to version 9.2.2 and then I saw that the GPS Window and the right arrow button for increasing the flight level in the flight plan also don't work in this version. In order to solve the GPS Window problem I have changed the following values in the FSC.ini file: GPSWINX=0 GPSWINY=0 Now the GPS Window is back and the right arrow button is also working again! So 2 problems solved already. But after upgrading to version 9.3 again the zoom problem is still there. When autozoom is selected the blue airplane and the yellow AI/IVAO airplanes are not there anymore. Only when I zoom one step out I can see them. When I zoom in again they also disappear again. There are other users on this site that have reported this problem before so there must be something wrong with the zoom function in the new version. Best regards, Snoopy
  9. Hi Volker, I have the download version which I have downloaded from the FSC website and I bought the registration by using the link on this website from simmarket. I always use the FSC program and the database manager program as administrator. I have checked this setting right after the upgrade to 9.3 so this should be OK. I'm using your great software already for some years now and I never had problems with any upgrade. This is the first time I see some strange behavior. Best regards, Snoopy
  10. After upgrade my FSC version 9.2.2 to 9.3 I saw some problems appearing: - my blue airplane that is normally shown when FSC is connected to FSX is not there anymore when FSC is in autozoom mode. Only when I zoom out by clicking on the minus button the blue airplane appears again. - I don't see the general window anymore. The new naigation window is there and works well, but the general window is missing even when it is active in the menu. - When I submit a flight plan, I can lower the preferred flight level by clicking on the left arrow button, but to make it higher again the right Arrow button doesn't work. I have: - FSX Deluxe SP2 - FS Commander 9.3 - Operating System is Windows Vista Premium Best regards, snoopy
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