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  1. Hi Jack, you might check your settings. Look at the screenshot. Regards Terence
  2. Hallo Patrick, maybe you did not really read Volker´s answer. It has nothing to do with the PC. The price for background maps is in nor relation to the price for FSC. It would make it so expensive, that no one would buy the programme any more. Regards Terence
  3. Hi Vaughan,, what you have encountered is a rare but known situation for which there is no solution available, except for a workaround. FS Commander has no capabilities to interpret an instruction like turn left or right. The result leading in your flight (other flights as well) is due to a mathematical result. The distance from D296E to VOR PPR is shorter then a right turn. Please see the screenshot. The difference in the names of the waypoints results from different provder´s cycles. I hope this clarifies the situation for you. Regards Terence
  4. I don´t know, if you noticed, that Volker always addresses you as ???. Please have the courtesy to sign with your name, like we all do. If you persist on not reading the manual (I quote: Read the manual? Men hating reading manuals :smile: ), then you will continue having problems! Regards Terence
  5. Hallo Fermin, please read this: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/77072-important-information-information-importante-wichtige-information/ Regards Terence
  6. Hi Jack, please read this: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/77072-important-information-information-importante-wichtige-information/ (Volker is away for one week) Regards Terence
  7. Hi Ted, Volker stated, that there are only two sources, where you can buy FSC. As a buyer in both shops, I know, that they store all the data you require under your account. And you can download the programmes for a long time after having bought them. Maybe you should email them, and they should be able to help you. Terence
  8. First of all, FSC is a flightplanner and not a flight dispatcher tool. Meaning, that it primarly is a flight planner. You had enough time to use the programme as a shareware version before buying it. You say you looked for information on the fuel. I did as well and found these two links, where it is explained, why the fuel gimmick is not accurate. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66361-fuel-planner/?hl=%2Bfuel+%2Bload and http://forum.simflight.com/topic/68009-fuel-calc/?hl=fuel You asked "how do I determine the fuel consumption". ( And at the end of the message you state thet you created a spreadsheet!!!) Approx 8 tons per hour for a jet. Make let´s say 10 flights. Determine the consumption for each flight. Add them up and divide by ten. If you you require more accurate data then look here: http://fuelplanner.com/ or buy TopCat and PFPX. I actually do not understand you problem. Is it a hobby, or are you trying to be a real life pilot? (In that case you should know how to calculate the average fuel consumtion) Regards Terence PS: by the way, did you read this before posting? http://forum.simflight.com/topic/60271-important-everyone-please-read/
  9. How? By reading the FSX manual and while you are at it, also read the FSC manual and FSUIPC manual! Terence
  10. Hallo Claude, if Volker changes the display settings so that YOU are satisfied, I will not be happy!!! My display settings are completely different from yours. What if everybody wanted to have their settings accomodated by Volker? What about the OS? Who is responsible for that? YOU or the programme developer! And I do not like your attitude and tone. Regards Terence
  11. Bonjour Yves, Pour IVAO la procédure de téléchargement a changé. Si tu clique sur "Download current IVAO data" tu recois les les mêmes données que FSC 8.6. Excuse mon francais. Cordialement Terence
  12. Gehe auf die Datei. Rechtsklick. Eigenschaften. Kompatibilität. Dort unten Programm als Administrator ausführen, Häckchen setzen. schliessen. Dann wieder rechtsklick auf die Datei und da als Administrator starten. So mache ich es und habe keine Schwierigkeiten. Grüße Terence
  13. He says he does not have the luxury of having time to go searching. Forget it! It looks to me as if has not even read the manual. And Honus in case you don´t like our answers, think before posting. And I don´t think that the author of your so beloved FSNav was as helpful as here. If you know how to "google", you should be able to find an answer to your questions here in the Forum. Or is that a luxury as well? Terence
  14. Hi Rog, Windows controls whre the focus is. Windows does not allow more the focus to be on more than one window. FSC has not control on that, except if you klick on the FSC window or part of it. However if you have impltmented an X-mouse, than the focus will on the window where the mouse is positioned. Regards Terence
  15. I think you answered your request yourself. [Everybody seems to be satisfied with the map graphic] And this is a flightplanning programme and not aparticipant in a beauty contest. Regards Terence
  16. Read this! viewtopic.php?f=155&t=74997
  17. Hi you have already posted this "issue" and Jean-Jacques has already given you a lot solutions. See viewtopic.php?f=155&t=77451. The same topic that Jean-Jacques has stated in this topic Regards Terence PS. And again, it would be nice if you would sign your postings. Also stated by Jean-Jacques in his previous answers.
  18. Hallo Tregarth, after reading through the thread, I see that you keep on blaming Volker for his answer. But for me, your last posting, proves, that you have not read the manual at all, or only one or two pages. Why I write this? Because you are stating "I am not sure what you mean by Database Manager". If you had read the manual, you would have known, what the Database Manager is, and where it is. I, personally, do not like your attitude at all. You keep on blaming the programmers but you yourself do not want to read the manual and "not to spend my time becoming a computer programmer.". A programme as complex as FSCommnader requires the reading of the manual. If you had spent less time complaining and more time with the manual, you would have found the solution to most of your answers. Regards Terence
  19. Hallo Robert, To check that, switch the Jet and Vic button on. Then go in the Menu bar on top and click on Map. Then click on Find Object. There type in the text box T161 (or T703). Click on the radio button Victorway, then find. You will get a result in the big box. There highlight (mark) the result. In case of T161 < The ATS Route will be highlighted in the map section of FSC. If you follow the route from LNZ to tne Northwest, you will see that the ATS Route ends at PSA (Spessart). The solution: T161 is a combined high and lowATS route. That is why you have to file the flightplan in the following way. In the route string enter the following data: LOWW LNZ T161 GIMAX T161 PSA EDDF. Then press OK. Now you have the flightplan you wanted from the beginning. For you, as a user it means, you must find out if the route you want to use, changes from high to low altitude or vice versa, and if it does, where. When you find the waypoint you enter it according the way I wrote above. FSC uses a mathematical equation, which makes it use the shortest way between two points taking into consideration one way routeing, but not split routings (high/low under one route name). I hope I could help you. Best regards Terence
  20. Hi William, in case you have not done it already, please download the manual. Then go to page 64. Just before the weather page is a description, that tells you how to change from fly-by to fly-over. Keep in mind, that usually ATC dictates when to fly over a waypoint (actually not ATC, but in case of SID´s and STAR´s environment issues). In the AIP, you should be able to find which waypoints are fly-over. Here in Germany the waypoints are underlined. (Text version of the SID). Regards Terence
  21. Hi, how about using the search field to look it up in the forum? Regards Terence
  22. Hallo Volker and the rest, for your information, I do not have any problems whatsoever with the new weather scheme. But knowing Volker, I know that a quick solution is in the make. Regards Terence
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