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  1. Aviation BoSs

    PMDG 744v2 SDK integration

    Sorry, I mean available by search using "google . com" :)
  2. Aviation BoSs

    PMDG 744v2 SDK integration

    Thank You for the clarifying :) , till NOW I just has purchased FSUIPC & PMDG737NGX, I do not have PMDG B747 v3 YET, since I'm a real FAN , I was wonder and worry Why The PMDG737 and PMDG777 Offset Mapping .pdf file is available on "google . com" but Never about PMDG747 v3 so I thought it doesn't exist even. but You just confirm and gave the tranquility that it's already among the Product(PMDG B747 v3) downloaded files :)
  3. Aviation BoSs

    PMDG 744v2 SDK integration

    Yes, I Mean it ; v3, the PMDG B747 v3 (the PMDG last product for the Queen of the Sky B747 ) :) I mean ; same The File as the Photo but for B747 v3 :)
  4. Aviation BoSs

    PMDG 744v2 SDK integration

    First of All, Thank You for Care about who could be interesting. and thanks for all Your effort. Yes, Yes Please (y) , Actually I'm :)
  5. Aviation BoSs

    Offset pmdg

    Hi Paul.. I'm greatly appreciated Your help .. thank You so much
  6. Aviation BoSs

    Offset pmdg

    I'm very thankful and appreciate your help but might be need abit further due to my limited programming level . While WRITE controls to PMDG , I can use FSUIPC by (send control and parameter) using visual studio, also do I have to use Events(ID/NAME) ? Can you make example of using PMDG EVENTS to write to PMDG ? Which programming language is used for SimConnect SDK ?
  7. Aviation BoSs

    Offset pmdg

    While I'm coding to send control to PMDG through FSUIPC, Do I have to import SimConnect ??
  8. Aviation BoSs

    Offset pmdg

    Hello Paul .. Thank You so much ..
  9. Aviation BoSs

    Offset pmdg

    Hi Paul Could You please writr Write the C# Code In Visaual Visual basic ??
  10. Aviation BoSs

    Purchase FSUIPC

    Hello .. please I need help , I Try to purchase FSUIPC through a DOWNLOAD Method , But it's only Offers Delivery Method !!, How I can purchase FSUIPC via Downloading Method ???? any help please.
  11. Aviation BoSs

    Engine Start

    Alright Pete. Thanks A lot
  12. Aviation BoSs

    Engine Start

    Hello .. Excuse me if i'm posting in wrong section How I can read PMDG737NGX HDG bug value by visual basic ? I need a basic example

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