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  1. Well bummer. is this a bug? are u guys gonna fix this issue later?
  2. Hello! Take this for example. Route between LKPR - EDDF - This is the "real route" BALTU L984 DONAD L602 SOPGA T170 GAPLA T173 KERAX but when i upload the route on the FSC this is what it happen -> BALTU L984 DONAD L602 SOPGA GAPLA KERAX as u can see the FSC with the current AIRAC 1702 don't recognize T170 to GAPLA because don't have any T170 and KERAX has no airways whatsoever but according with Europa charts from navigraph the route about is correct meaning that the FSC has a wrong data according to those waypoints/INT. NOW my q is how can I edit those waypoints so I can add the correct airways for those INT myself. I'm sure this is happen with many INT from the data for the FSC 9.6.7. Any ideas?
  3. Hello! I think there is an issue with the navgraph or the program itself, I have the latest AIRAC 1606 provided by jeppesen but there is a few airways and intersection that aren't working for exempel KERAX int witch is the intersection for Frankfurt KERAX should have airways T152, T157 and T173 all those are Low airways, My route is from EKCH to EDDF and it should be this NEXEN T503 GIMRU UT503 MIC T155 ALOSI T157 KERAX between ALOSI and KERAX there is no airway on the FSC. Please! how can I add my self the airway on the FSC and correct this issue? Have a great day Carlos//
  4. Hi there. where can i find the software? there is no software on the website. Have a nice day
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