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  1. Thanks! I did few dusk flights into LGAV (FLY TAMPA) and the commercial traffic is awesome!
  2. Hi, Love the awesome My Traffic 2013 :cool: . However I fly at mostly commerical fields and would like to reduce other traffic. I did not find specific thread, however if anyone knows how to shut off military and/or general traffic, can you please point to the right directions. Much appreciated. Cathay 787
  3. Thanks so much Mike! Just updated the cfg as above and worked beautifully!! Now I know where the traffic is coming from or going to!!! Thanks again, Cathay777
  4. Thanks for pointing into the direction, except I am fairly novice with system programs. I believe its very useful to know the traffic around us where it is coming or going to. I googled what is FSX SDK and watched a bit of youtube video however that just over me... too compicated. I hate to have issues with FSX installed with tons of sceneries + planes. If you have name of the file to update or if you can advise with few short steps it would be great benefit to everyone with the My Traffic 2013 programm. Thanks PS: I have FSX + Acceleration + SP1
  5. I have one addition question.... how can My Traffic planes display flight # or flight plan (like Ultimate Traffic). I am missing some steps obviously and am not able to tweak it (FSX default does not have options for that in traffic menu) Thanks Cathay777
  6. Hi, I love this product. Great, except unlike UT(old version), I am not seeing any flight plan ( ex: EGLL-KFJK) OR Flight # . FSX default menu does not have that options however one could twek it in Ultimate Traffic so we could see this info on each plane. Maybe I am overlooking something but any help is greatly appreciated. Also do I need to have LIVE in order to see these? Thanks Cathay 777
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