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  1. I am using FS9, MyT 2006 4.1 and FSGlobal 2008, and I can report some trouble with AI aircraft trying to land on some airports surrounded by hills or mountaneous terrain. This is not due to MyTraffic, but rather the dumb AI ATC routing the aircraft over FSG2008-mountains that are much higher than the original FS9-"hills". The aircraft come in too high and miss the FAF, thus going around and around and around until they are vanished by the time-out-routine of the AI ATC.
  2. "should" is not "will". ;-) The MyWorldAirports have a higher priority than the Carriers. With the patch, I have the carrier far away off coast, but the carrier's airport still exists within the harbor. This leads to the effect that I have an elevated waterline with an "airport" on it and an defunct carrier far away...
  3. There are only two files in the zip for the carrier layouts, I think the corresponging AF2-bgls were omitted. Greets Thomas @EDDV
  4. Hello Burkhard, hello fellow simmers, after trying to make visible all of the MY-Aircraft I found a few glitches in the batch routines for making the MyTraffic aircraft visible and invisible in the FS2004 aircraft selection menu. I did some work with the cmd-line and OpenOffice Calc, and made two new batch files which include all MyTraffic aircraft and which copy the correct .air-Files. I tried both files on my installation, and at least here they worked. Attached to this post you will find both bat files, as a replacement of the tweo bat-Files mytraffic-vis.bat and mytraffic-invis.bat in
  5. That fixed it. The only difference I found that the mdl file in the folder of my installation was of 2006-04-16, the mdl file of the zip you provided is three monts younger and about 20kb larger. Thanks for the support, Burkhard! Thomas.
  6. Hello Burkhard, I am using MyTraffic 2006 latest version, recently upgraded from MyTraffic 2004. I found that in my installation, the DC9-10 AI aircraft have no hull, only the cockpit interiors, gear and so. Looks very funny, like a nearly invisible aircraft. :) The problem occurs only on these aircraft and can be seen in the aircraft selection in FS9 when using the dc9-10-vis.air files. I reinstalled the DC-9-10 from the aircraft .exe-Files provided with the installation, but the problem stayed. The aircraft.cfg files point to the correct texture folders, so I don't know what happened
  7. ...wenn man irgendwelche "Optimierungen" der Treiber anschaltet, ja. Nach all dem, was ich an miesen und fiesen, aber dennoch korrekt beschriebenen Sachen über nVidias Optimierungen gelesen habe hatte ich irgendwann auf "hohe Qualität" geschaltet, 15% Framerate-Einbuße hingenommen und mit den danach sehr guten Ergebnissen sehr gut gefahren. Nette Effekte gab's bei einer Treiberaktualisierung, bei der offensichtlich alte Komponenten nicht richtig deinstalliert wurden oder sich in einem undefinierten Zustand befanden. Rosa Dreiecke statt Wellen vor Hawaiis Surfstränden waren da noch die lustige
  8. Kann ich nur bestätigen. Unter ner FX6600GTE mit ner Treiberversion unter 80.xx sieht das viel ordentlicher aus. nVidia hat sich bei den Treiberfunktionen für die 79er-Serie (habe selber eine 7950GTX) zu Tode optimiert - unter FS2K4/Win XP sieht das genau so aus. Insbesondere die Treiberversionen jenseits der 79.xx sind bei mir unten durch. Mir ist bisher keine Abhilfe bekannt - außer, dieses Thema bei nVidia einzutüten - die entwickeln ja durchaus auch mal Tweaks für einzelne Programme. Thomas @EDDV
  9. That's in short that what I tried to explain in o so many words. 8) One word to virus scanners: Many of todays PCs are permanently online, therefore one should be very aware of the potential high risk of being online without an active virus scanner in tradeoff to a small and possible hard to notice performance increase in loading and playing Flight Simulator. For me, the odds are always against MSFS, leaving my scanner permanently active.
  10. FS2004 does not benefit from the second core, for it is not written to be multithreaded in a multicore environment. The FS2004 technical environment has been designed 5 years ago, and in those times no one in the world ever believed that multi core processors will go to every one's desktop PC at all. In fact, one big advantage is, that you will have one CPU caring about FS2004, and one CPU caring about the rest of the system. This gives the benefit of instant task switching and running more applications at once without waiting for the system to get rid of the first task to load the other task
  11. Just see Wikipedia for B-52, they have sideviews from the tail fin and tail section which differs in the variants B-52G, B-52H and the other B-52s (A to F). http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/B-52 look in the section "Versionen". I think that (tail) size does matter :wink: Edit: From the images in the Internet I see differences in the nose section too, and the later variants (only H?) seem to have external fuel tanks under the outer parts of the wings
  12. Ok, here we go: Some history http://www.vectorsite.net/avb52.html B-52 at Anderson AFB, Guam. 43th Strategic Wing, and mor history http://www.vectorsite.net/avb52_2.html Links to past and present B-52 Bases http://www.stratofortress.org/baselink.htm B-52 service and squadron assignments http://www.csd.uwo.ca/~pettypi/elevon/baugher_us/b052i.html
  13. Just about to look, but will you implement the different Types of B-52? They have different engine nacelles (B-52H) and different Tail Fins (B-52G and H)
  14. Hi Burkhard, I am just wondering whether you will animate the landing gear to behave correctly for this bird. The B52 is one of the few (the only?) aircraft that can "crab land" to compensate for crosswind by aligning the gear parallel to the runway while flying in crabbed position. See section "Trivia" in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B-52_Stratofortress Or will that be another task for the FSX or FS11 wishlist? :roll: Thomas. [/url]
  15. Hi Husain, apologies for not answering earlier, but I was on vacation 8-) The errors I described come from a recent run traficbat and are "fresh" errors. I think I can live with this, for I run MyTraffic at 100% AI-Traffic and always have busy airports. I can wait till I have to reinstall MyTraffic the next time (because I will have to reinstall XP and FS9 :? ) and let me then see the different logfiles after each update step. I have crossupdated MyTraffic, maybe the cause lies there. If you are interested in the logfiles just drop me a note; I'll send them to you. Regards Thomas.
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