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  1. Dear FeelThere Ariel: Thanks. Haseen Ahmad.
  2. Dear: Few months ago I bought Embraer 175-195 which were good for p3d v4.4 only. Now I upgraded to P3D v4.5. When can I expect compatible versions of Embraer 175-195 to come out so that I can install them in p3d v4.5? Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  3. Dear: I made several flights with Embraer 175 V2. The gross wt. was 32 tons. At this wt. green dot speed in clean config shows 220 knots. With flaps 1, 205 kts, flaps 2 190 kts. I queried the real world Embraer 175 pilots. They say it seems 20 kts higher than the green dot speed that shows in the performance table for 32 tons. Do you have any suggestion please? Regards, Haseen Ahmad Bangladesh.
  4. I made a flight from VGCB to VGEG. Waypoints were CB, ublin, and approach waypoints for rwy 23 ils app. But after takeoff cb, ublin got deleted. After crossing vgeg outbound all app waypoints deleted. I flew basic ils & landed safely. Why the waypoints are deleting? I use fsx sp2, windows 7 64-bit. My e-jets emb 170/190 is CD version.
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