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  1. Is it possible to also assign hvars to offsets? for example, to be able to assign MCDU or FCU switches to hardware buttons. Or at the moment only lvars can be accessed this way. I do not really understand the differense between lvars and hvars, but i can see that there are hvars for mcdu and fcu buttons for the a320. Thank you
  2. When I compare the Acars flightplans to fs commander's one, they are very very similar. I wonder if I could make an automated tool to convert the acars fp to fs commander's one, some strings just need to be changed it seems.
  3. Hi Volker The type of flight plans that acars export is a bit different though. if you check the link that I ggave you, it kinda has sid and stars as well too. Anyway, thank you for answering. sorry I bug you once each two months or so, your software really helps me to fly as a blind pilot. specially since it supports the aerosoft airbus X.
  4. Hi Volker Thanks for your reply. I see. My airline (Delta virtual airlines) uses the ACARS software, and their dispatch gives me a pln file for the routes. Can I open FSX pln files with fs commander? Here's a sample if you want to check it out https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/87868354/IFR%20Phoenix%20AZ%20to%20Los%20Angeles%20CA.pln
  5. Hello Volker Thank you for your reply. I see what goes on now. By the way, are there any plans to include a fsbuild-like feature that would make fs commander to automatically assign the best-guess sid and stars for your flight plan, in case that you're flying a route that you have never flown? Also, cheers for the best aerosoft airbus x compatibility. I like importing fs commander flightplans into my aircraft.
  6. Hello Navigating the forums, I've seen that people can see the text instructions of sid and stars in their flight plan. How can I achieve such information in fs commander? I'm mainly looking for text instructions of stars. Thank you.
  7. Hi I got it! WCA. Thanks! I have to study the whole document indeed. Thank you Volker
  8. Hello, That's awesome! I get what you mean now. I didn't notice that because I always was using auto HDG. FSC=best addon ever. A question though. I've tested a flight, looking at nav data, the BRG to the next waypoint was 298.4, when I pressed auto HDG, it set my heading to 295. why it didn't set it to 300, instead? is it because of winds? Thank you
  9. Hello, I was studying the flight plan table. What you mean is that when fs commander is connected to my sim and i'm flying the aircraft, the flight plan table gets updated, and the waypoints's courses are set depending on my position? (I have to study more on mag/true course subject BTW)
  10. Hi Volker I just read the manual operating modes. I understand why it doesn't work now :) Is there a setting in FSC to show me the heading that I need to set to reach my next waypoint? (when GPS is connected and flightplan is routed). I currently can see my current hdg/alt and other gps information using the airbus X. P.s i'm sorry for my annoying posts. I'm trying to fly the professional aircrafts with voice commands. everything is setup so far, though I need FSC's help to navigate :)
  11. Hello, Does the auto HDG feature of FSC work with aerosoft airbus X? I have tried it and it's not working for me. Is the problem with my system, or FSC in general cannot take over the airbus X heading? Thank you
  12. Hello Volker, Thank you for replying -- - i'm also sorry for my late response. I understand that FS commander is not a FMC :) depending on the GPS window, i'll do the altitude and speed ajustments myself. Does the GPS window show the FAF and your ETA to it? Thanks
  13. Thank you allot. I patched mtx to 5.4c and I can see mtx AI now. i'll get onto making my airport bigger abit
  14. Hi, UAC is turned off, and I did right clicked on my traffic's folder, chose properties, on the security tab, I did make sure that all groups are allowed full control. Can I install patch 54C without installing patch 54b?
  15. Hi mike Thanks allot! it worked, ATC now calls me as "Mahan" Here's the part of my aircraft.cfg ui_type=ATR-72-500 ui_variation=Mahan-Air atc_heavy=0 atc_id=IRM atc_airline=Mahan Air atc_flight_number=1078 Should I do the same thing to my other aircrafts as well? like Iran Air, Aseman, Kish Air, and go on? Is there any list of new callsigns?
  16. Hello, Is it possible to assign the new-added ATC callsigns by MTX to your aircraft? for example: when i installed MTX, microsoft ATC now pronounces my airline's name correctly when i have an AI of it, "Mahan air" My aircraft also have a mahan air repaint. can i edit it so that the ATC could also refer me as "Mahan air ..."? I did some google search and it seems that you have to change the atc_id and atc_airline in aircraft.cfg, but i don't know what to put in there. i have written "mahan" and "mahanair" but they didn't work, and ATC refers me as Mike Alpha Hotel... Thanks :)
  17. Hi, Once again thanks for your reply I did reinstall MTX and I can see AI traffic in now, and MTX generates flights for my airport as well. however when I install the new patch (v5.4b) I won't see any MTX AI, only default AI appears.
  18. I also didn't run any auto schedule after my installation. should I do that? I see both mytrafficv54.myt and mytraffic_v5.4b.myt, which one should I edit if I wanted to do so
  19. Hello, Thank you for your quick reply! So my understanding is that if an airport gets more gates and parkings my traffic loads more traffic in there. Today i carefully observed the airport and didn't do anything, and found out that my traffic aircrafts are not even loading, and only thing that i get is default AI. I checked FSX's scenery lib, and my traffic was there. i checked fsx.cfg and the entry to mtx aircrafts was there also. I did run rebuild.bat in my traffic folder and run fs again, but still i didn't see any mtx aircrafts. this was a new installation, thus i didn't pay attention allot last night when i posted this topic. Is there anything else that i could do to bring mtx AI to my FSX?
  20. Hello, I'm new to my traffic x, please excuse me if i'm asking a basic question like this. I live in iran, and i do allot of flights over tehran. i notice that even if i pull the traffic sliders to the max, there are not allot of traffics at mehrabad (the main airport at tehran). (i get a takeoff or a landing every 10 mins or so) But if i load my aircraft at airports such as manchester or heathro, the airport is full of aircrafts and traffic in such way that i can't even takeoff. I wanted to know that what can i do to increase flights in my country and specially in my city? there are a good amount of iranian airline repaints in this great product Thanks allot, i would appreciate any help Parsa
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