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  1. Hi Pete! When trying to download FSUIPC3912.zip I'm getting this mess from Nod32 FSX version is ok. Might be Nod32 that is over sensitive but I thought I'd let You know. Anders
  2. Yupp setpoint was causing the probs. I have a very komplex keyboard with several multifunction buttons. There's no numlock button and there's alot of other non standard functions. When using the numpad there seem to be a conflict. Anyway Problemo Solvo. Thanks for taking time. Anders
  3. Sorry for leaving out some info. I have the latest version 3.50. I don't get crashes in any other way than described in earlier post. Maybe that's not called a crash. The one thing I'm suspicious about is Logitech Setpoint. I recently started to use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. I'm suspicious about it since it's the only change I've done.
  4. When I map several buttons at the time whitout exit FSuipc between the mappings FS9 hangs. It first start to respond very slow in the meny and then hangs. I then have to use ctrl alt del to close the FS9 process via the task manager. After that I can't start Fs9. It'll stop when loading scenery on 1%. If I remove Fsuipc.ini it starts as normal again. Also after a restart with the ini file left as is it will also start. How can I log a crash in FS9? Regards Anders
  5. Hi Pete! Have you looked into this yet? I can't get my Asus Mypal 620 to work this way with PocketFMS. Just curious.
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