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  1. Agree, can't speak to other airports, but definitely had problems flying out of KPHX, and haven't since I rolled back to 2012 schedules. I know NOTHING of programming, but is it possibly related to Southwest Airlines, which has a lot of traffic in the southwest, including Denver, and for which KPHX is a major hub? It also flies 737's exclusively (by 737, I mean generically 737's).
  2. It may be something else, but I haven't had the problem since I switched back to 2012 schedules.
  3. Loaded flight, PMDG NGX from KPHX to KSTL, 21:30 GMT exactly. Crashed twice in a row at 100% trying to load. Rolled back to 2012 schedule, loaded fine.
  4. I deleted the files. In my case, after the initial post patch crash, I've only had the time to complete one flight, so I don't have a large enough sample size to say whether the crash was related, or just a random fsxism. If I can get 3 or 4 more short hops in without problems, I will feel more confident that the problem is resolved.
  5. I installed the patch per instructions, then had a CTD about 5 minutes after loading a flight at KPHX. I restarted, and flew to KDEN no problems, so maybe the first CTD was an anomaly. I will makes several more flights this week from KPHX, since that's where I seem to have problems relatively consistently, and report back any issues. Thanks again.
  6. Had another CTD sitting at gate at KPHX. 1400 GMT. Replaced 735-38 files, loaded 2012 schedules, no problems so far. Will probably try a few more short hops with 2012 schedules from KPHX to see if there are more crashes, just to eliminate my system as the cause, then retry 2013 to see if it returns.
  7. Moved folders, then had 3 crashes at KPHX, twice it wouldn't even load the flight - crashed at "100% loading" traffic. The first time I was sitting at the gate. Time was almost exactly 01:00 GMT, maybe a couple of minutes after. When I was at the gate, it was probably around 1:01. Then I restarted fsx two more times, setting the time back 3 hours, so it was probably 1:03 and 1:06 GMT each time when it crashed before I could load the flight. Tried a 4th time, and I forgot to reset the time to my desired departure, so it was around 4:10 GMT. Flight loaded that time. Unfortunately, I've had a lo
  8. I ran into the issue again on approach at KRNO, around 2200 GMT, using 2013 schedules. Happened about 3 times, then I was eventually able to land. May be completely unrelated, I am just throwing that out there, in case it helps at all. Want to emphasize, however, that I am very pleased with 5.4c, and remain unsure that the problems are due to it.
  9. First, thank you for replying so quickly; your reputation for being extremely responsive is well deserved! Second, although yesterday I was able to replicate the problem repeatedly, even after rebooting the PC mutiple times, today when I tried, there were no problems. I was flying from Flightbeam's KPHX to MMUN. The problem was around 0015, and would happen on take off, or 5 to 10 minutes after takeoff (so the airport shouldn't have been the problem). Today, however, when I set airline traffic to 50 and tried to repeat, I had no problems, so you should not waste your time on what is probably
  10. Forgot to add, with 5.4b, I typically ran airline traffic at 25-30% in the US. Could run it higher, the only negative was frame rates. With 5.4c, started at 50%, and went down to the same settings I had with 5.4b, still crashed.
  11. I recently updated from 5.4b to c, per the instructions. Now I have been having frequent CTD issues, usually a ntdll.dll crash, sometimes a stack_hash error. Had been using 5.4b for about a year with no problems. Happens when flying PMDG NGX in SW USA. Have UTX, GEX, and REX, tried changing LOD and scenery sliders, still crashed (saved flight, kept restarting to see how chanes affected it). Only when I put airline traffic at 0 did it not crash. System is 2500k @ 4.5, 560 ti, and 8g of ram. Rarely crashed before, only change I can think of is 5.4b to 5.4c (and spring 2013 schedules).
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