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  1. Was getting an occasional ntdll.dll crash with airlines only or GA only (no military), but only if I overloaded the sim. Definitely seemed more stable without military, but the ntdll error was still present. Swapped to 2012 schedules and did PHX - IAH, no ntdll crash at 32% airline (did OOM at the end but that's not MyTraffic's fault). Will try the livery fix mentioned in the other thread. Thanks! Russell
  2. Definitely -- I'll let you know what I come up with. Russell
  3. Hello, Since I installed 5.4c, I have been having ntll.dll crashes very frequently in any airplane (default C172 and no weather to 737NGX with REX Wx engine) Before 5.4c, I was running 5.4b at 35% airline and 20% GA, and 100% UT2, and never had a crash. I did a bunch of trial and error, and finally narrowed it down to MyTraffic. Once I disabled it in the scenery library, I no longer had ntdll.dll crashes (even after slewing around the world at 40,000kts for hours). I even used settings such as 10% Airline and it still ntdll.dll crashes. As an example, last weekend I did KPHX-KORD-
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