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  1. Volker, I have already tried that fix, but was unable to see the GPS. The x/y parameters of my delivered GPS.in1 file were 120/120. I did make the change to 550/550, but still no GPS displayed. Tom
  2. I have still never seen the GPS window, anywhere or anytime. I have read page 73 of the manual and I have folloed it directions but still no joy. Tom
  3. Volker, I do understand that I need to deselect the Always on Top option. My probleem is that I have never seen the FSC09 GPS box in either FS9 or FSC09. Tom
  4. I am also having a problem displaying the GPS window. Here are the steps that I am taking when loading the programs: - Load FS9, then select a saved flight plan using either the New or select flight option. - Load FSC09, then load the saved FSC09 flight plan and select the GPS Menu options. I also select the always on top option from the Map Menu. At that point I can see the FSC09 Moving Map Display, but because I selected the always on top option, I am unable to see the FS9 screen. To select the FS9 screen I need to disengauge the always on top option. When I can see the FS9 screen, the FSC09 GPS is not displayed. I did modify the GPS.ini file and selected the 550/550 parameters that were called out in Uli's post, but still no joy. Is there something in the FSUIPC Module that needs to be set? I am running a single computer with i5 Processor and lots of memory. As an operating system I am running W7 Pro64. Thanks Tom
  5. Sascha, Thank you for your response. Tom
  6. I just purchased FSC09 and found that it is an excellant replacement for FSNAV. Currently, the only issue that I am seeing is with the fuel planner. I laid out a flight plan between KMSP to KSEA flying a 767-300ER at 35,000 feet. After laying out the flight with both SIDS and STARS included in my flight plan I ran the FSC09 Fuel Planner for an estimated fuel load. The FSC09 Fuel Planner told me that I needed less 35,000 lbs of fuel to complete the flight. Running the same scenario against two other fuel planners both stated that I would need between 57,000 and 59,000 lbs for the flight as planned. Almost a 40% difference between the three models. The parameters of the FSC09 Fuel Planner seem fairly simple compared to other models. Are there any plans in the future to upgrade the planner? Tom
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