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  1. Pete, beside the (currently) missing country is there any way to determine which flight-sim version of scenery that was read by MkRwy? When I read the content of runways.xml I might want to do things differently, based on if the scanned scenery was P3D or MSFS. If not currently possible, would it be something you might consider to add? (I guess you internally already know which sim you are scanning, in order to know how to "find" the scenery). Personally I would prefer it simply as a tag added to runways.xml like this (once "in the top"): <?xml version="1.0"?> <data> <SimVersion>MSFS</SimVersion> <ICAO id="00AL"> <ICAOName>Epps Airpark</ICAOName> ... But perhaps others might prefer it as a separate file, as it will not break any backward comparability (shouldn't be the case with xml, but anyway), and its easy to read for those app's that otherwise is currently not reading the runways.xml file(e.g. if they read the runways.txt file in stead).
  2. Pete if you are going to replace "\/" with "/", let me suggest that you remove the slash at the end. Hence change: "Fort Hood\/Killeen\/" into "Fort Hood/Killeen". It looks strange with a slash in the end ... Probably something Asobo should do, but I guess there is a bigger change that you will do it 🙂 Otherwise I implement it myself in my importer.
  3. It appears that "\/" is used to escape slash in the file only. In MSFS its displayed only as a slash:
  4. Pete I have seen some airports with "\/" in their names. I am guessing that either you or Asobo is Escaping a slash, by prefixing it with a backslash: <ICAOName>Vojens\/Skrydstrup AB</ICAOName> <ICAOName>Goldstone \/Gts\/</ICAOName> <City>Chicago\/Schaumburg</City> It is probably all fields, but have been observed in airport name and city-name. I Just saw now (while writing this) there is a Beta3. This was observed with Beta2 Pelle
  5. You are welcome Pete, works much better now. A BIG THANK YOU to you and Matt for getting MkRwy updated for MSFS. Pelle
  6. Regarding the country-names I understand, best way would be for Asobo/MS to fix this "the right way". But when you say they are (or at least should be) in a language-file, does this means once implemented the names in the Runways.xml will be translated as well or will you always use the English/US file? Regarding the gates I was asking if I understood it correct that the BGL's no longer identify the gates as "Ramp.Cargo". I know, probably more a questing for MS/Asobo than for you, but you have been knee deeps in these BGL's 🙂 I have already PM'ed you a link where you can grab the Meigs scenery, anyhow here is the data from Runways.txt (good into that Notepad can read this file, as my Notepad++ gave up said it was too large). The last lines are for a scenery only containing a Danish bridge. I included it, in case it have anything to say !? ============================================================================= Area.236 "guillermozulueta-meigs" (Layer=235) Path(Local/Remote)=G:\FS\2020Packages\Community\guillermozulueta-meigs\scenery ============================================================================= G:\FS\2020Packages\Community\guillermozulueta-meigs\scenery\MeigsSCN.bgl ============================================================================= Deletions check for Airport KCGX: Delete all taxiways! Delete all runways and starts! Delete all helipads! Delete all taxiways! COM: Delete all frequencies! ============================================================================= G:\FS\2020Packages\Community\guillermozulueta-meigs\scenery\MeigsSCN.bgl ============================================================================= Airport KCGX :N41:51:33.1799 W087:36:29.7724 584.84ft Country Name="Nanwalek Airport in Alaska is America's shortest commercial runway with only 850 feet of usable distance." State Name="Kings" City Name="Schaumburg Rgnl" Airport Name="" in file: G:\FS\2020Packages\Community\guillermozulueta-meigs\scenery\MeigsSCN.bgl Runway 18 /36 centre: N41:51:31.6250 W087:36:28.7278 584.37ft Runway 18 closed for landing and take-off Runway 36 closed for landing and take-off Start 18 : N41:51:44.4855 W087:36:29.5760 585.10ft Hdg: 177.0T, Length 3958ft Computed start 18 : Lat 41.864204 Long -87.608330 Offset Threshold primary: 591 feet Start 36 : N41:51:13.5165 W087:36:27.5612 585.26ft Hdg: 357.0T, Length 3958ft Computed start 36 : Lat 41.853363 Long -87.607628 Offset Threshold secondary: 66 feet Hdg: 177.249 true (MagVar 0.000), Concrete, 3958 x 131 ft *** Runway *** KCGX0180 Lat 41.864204 Long -87.608330 Alt 584.37 Hdg 177 Len 3958 Wid 131 *** Runway *** KCGX0360 Lat 41.853363 Long -87.607628 Alt 584.37 Hdg 357 Len 3958 Wid 131 HELIPAD at KCGX: Circle transparent Surface=Concrete, Lat=41.858395, Lon=-87.609462, Alt=587ft Length=27ft, Width=27ft, Heading=87.7T HELIPAD at KCGX: Circle transparent Surface=Concrete, Lat=41.858513, Lon=-87.609467, Alt=587ft Length=27ft, Width=27ft, Heading=87.7T HELIPAD at KCGX: Circle transparent Surface=Concrete, Lat=41.858632, Lon=-87.609472, Alt=587ft Length=27ft, Width=27ft, Heading=87.7T HELIPAD at KCGX: Circle transparent Surface=Concrete, Lat=41.858751, Lon=-87.609477, Alt=587ft Length=27ft, Width=27ft, Heading=87.7T COM: Type=8 (APPROACH), Freq=118.40, Name="MEIGS APPROACH" COM: Type=1 (ATIS), Freq=127.35, Name="MEIGS ATIS" COM: Type=5 (GROUND), Freq=121.80, Name="MEIGS GROUND" COM: Type=6 (TOWER), Freq=121.30, Name="MEIGS TOWER" COM: Type=3 (UNICOM), Freq=122.95, Name="UNICOM MEIGS" !!!!! I removed all the taxi-data !!!!! FSM A/P KCGX, lat=41.859226, long=-87.608269, alt=584.84 ============================================================================= Area.237 "soenico-gbbeast" (Layer=236) Path(Local/Remote)=G:\FS\2020Packages\Community\soenico-gbbeast\scenery\global\scenery ============================================================================= Area.238 "soenico-gbbeast" (Layer=237) Path(Local/Remote)=G:\FS\2020Packages\Community\soenico-gbbeast\scenery\world\scenery =============================================================================
  7. Pete just to verify - it is probably the scenery - my Flightplan Visualizer software uses the last (8th) parameter in g5.csv to color code the gates according to their type. I've noticed that none of the gates (default or from my 3rd party EKCH) are detected as "Ramp Cargo" (value 5). The screen-shot below shows the same portion of EKCH (different zoom levels though) but obvious Fly Tampa decided to change the gate layout, so perhaps also the "codes" for these gates? EDIT: Left is MSFS, Right is P3Dv4.5
  8. Pete for my (free 3rd party) "Meigs fileds" it is not able to get the name, and in stead it gets a weird country-name, but I guess this is the scenery more that its the new MkRwy: <ICAO id="KCGX"> <ICAOName></ICAOName> <Country>Nanwalek Airport in Alaska is America&apos;s shortest commercial runway with only 850 feet of usable distance.</Country> <State>Kings</State> <City>Schaumburg Rgnl</City> <File>G:\FS\2020Packages\Community\guillermozulueta-meigs\scenery\MeigsSCN.bgl</File> Anyhow, for the other airports it appears it does not get the name of the country: <ICAO id="EKBI"> <ICAOName>Billund</ICAOName> <Country></Country> <City>Billund</City> <File>G:\FS\2020Packages\Official\OneStore\fs-base\scenery\0601\APX50120.bgl</File> Edit: Regard "Meigs fields" both MSFS and Little Navmap shows the name as: "Merril C. Meigs Fields"
  9. Just one idea, make sure your power saving in windows is not cutting power to USB-devices.
  10. You are welcome Pete. It appears to be written using Qt (https://www.qt.io/). Anyhow I am glad to hear you are making progress despite the lack of proper (or any) documentation, and I don't envy any bit trying to find heads-and-tail is the mess 🙂
  11. Hi Pete The source source should be easy to access. Just follow the last link I added for the navdatareader and press the green "Code" button (with the arrow pointing down) and choose "Download ZIP" in order to download a zip containing the source. Likewise for Little Navmap simply use this link, and same procedure: https://github.com/albar965/littlenavmap to get the source. I understand about others source vs. your own. I prefer my own also - probably why I am currently writing my own .Net FSUIPC connector 🙂 I am glad to hear you are making progress, but I hope that I will not be as complicated with Steam and DVD installs. I got my MSFS from the Microsoft store and while running Little Navmap it both detected my default scenery, the Fly Tampa EKCH addon bought throgh the marketplace, and the free Meigs Fields I have manually installed into my Community folder on my G-Drive.
  12. Pete I don't know if it can kick-start the process, but I have just installed Little Navnap and it is able to scan the installed MSFS scenery (incl. RWY, TWY and Gates). Little Navmap is (C++) free open source !? https://albar965.github.io/ EDIT: Guessing this is the project for the scanner alone https://github.com/albar965/navdatareader
  13. I see, thanks Pete. I was initially thinking of targeting SimConnect for what I am doing, but FSUIPC seems a lot simpler, as I don't have to deal with different versions of SimConnect. Glad John is now keeping the "family-tradition alive", and you are still in the loop 🙂 Pelle
  14. Does 3rd party software connected to non-licensed FSUIPC's still require an accredited key, or is this a thing of the past (remember that FS-Interrogate used one). Pelle
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