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  1. Hi I have multiple controls attached to my sim pc Like a joystick for helicopters and regular throttle quadrant for other aircraft. Is it possible to create diffirent profiles for diff aircraft that enable the correct flight control for the correct aircraft and disable the others not needed for that aircraft without having to constantly unplug and plug in devices each time I make a switch to a different kind of aircraft? thx Lee
  2. Hi I just installed p3d v3.1.2 and when I install the latest version of fsuipc, p3d crashes at the opening screen. When I delete everything in the fsuipc install, p3d works again. What am I missing? Thx Lee
  3. Pete Thank you very much for your quick and complete response regards Lee
  4. Hi I just want to know the difference between checking send directly to fsuipc andthe other one that says send to fs as normal axis in the type of action required box thx Lee
  5. Hi Does anyone know how to disable a joystick so that fsuipc does not see it. I want just the flight sim to control my rudder pedals. Fsuipc controls my throttle quad and thats the only joystick that i want fsuipc to see thx Lee
  6. Hi I need to know if fsuipc needs to be on client pc in order to put wideclient.exe and wideclient.ine on client thx Lee
  7. Pete Thank you very much for your attention and quick response. Lee
  8. Hi Pete If I feel that things have gotten all jumbled up, is their any harm in starting over by uninstalling and then re installing your latest version of fsuipc. Will this effect other programs and such that need your program to run. thx Lee
  9. Pete Sorry if I offended you! Im relatively new to this world of advanced control assignment and thought that Fsuipc and Linda were connected.
  10. Hi Pete when using LINDA for control assignments, can axis asignments be left under fsx control or do I have to use fsuipc for axis control for throttle quad thx Lee
  11. Hi Pete Is there any way that a person who is not a programmer can assign buttons and switches that arent susceptable to the mouse macro function. I read the adv manual and its far above the lay persons ability. I would love a step by step cookbook method to assign all buttons and switches in my flight1 kingair 200 thx Lee
  12. Does anyone know if the flight 1 kingair200 is compatible for mouse trapping?
  13. Hello I just downloaded the latest version of fsuipc and dont see the create mouse macro button. Has the location changed? thx Lee
  14. Hello Is mouse trapping and mouse macros used for only the controls that are not offered already in fsuipc thx
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