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  1. I wanted to try to avoid distrurbing you, but before I go further, I would like to receive your opinion. I have 3 Leo Bodnars card, BU0836X connected to an EFIS panel, Throttle and the landing lights of B-737-7-800ngx The cards gives proper signals to Linda and FSUIPC last version. But i do no longer get contact with cockpit. No buttons move, but throttle,speedbrake, flap etc. do. I am guessing ut is a problem in the sim itself, since both of your programs works properly, but after a few hours searching for errors, I am in a dead end at the moment. Any suggestions, or just a confirmation if I am wrong or right? best regards Morgan. Again, thank you for a well developed program as FSUIPC, and Linda as well?
  2. I asked the questions in a group on Facebook. An another guy had exact same problem as me, so I am not alone:) If FS use same idle/cutoff as mixture lean, they have different name but same action perhaps...hmmm..got to look into that. oki, thanks for you time. will continue looking for solving these to annoying disturbances. Lua/Linda, and FSUIPC i was mistaken. Not same developer, sorry.
  3. Good morning Pete. Yes I was also happy setting the park brake by pulling the handle on the throttle, activating park brake on or off. What gives me more grey hair, is that is seems like there is a "hidden" assignment that interfere with this action. But I have not been lucky to find it. So when pulling the handle, meaning activating a switch, the park brake jumps on an off rapidly several times in FSX cockpit. Had a hope that I could get a suggestion what cause this action. :) About cut engine and idle handle, there is assign for that, for B737 as well, idle engine 1 & 2, Cutoff engine 1&2. So lowering the handle to cutoff, it stay there 2-3 seconds, then goes back to Idle. The engines never stop :) Mixture lean and rich is more for turboprop and petrol engines i guess. I have used that one for Beechcraft and Cessna. Ohh well, perhaps some readers have a clue, or else I just got to continue experimenting. Lua, I thought that one was in cooperation with FSUIPC, so I was wrong here..
  4. I fly B737 and have a B737 throttle. Lately I got problems with setting the park brake. When I move the handle, it switch off and on rapidly several times. I have read that in B737, to set park brake, you shall hold foot brakes and then pull the handle. I never made that work. Earlier I could assign the PB so it switched on and off, but something happen which I have not been able to solve. The controls in FSX is completely disconnected. In FSUIPC i need to assign FSX park brake. Could that be the reason.B737 does not have Park brake as we are used to. Any suggestions? Second problem. I assign engine cut and engine idle to Linda Also tried to assign it in FSUIPC. But in both cases, the function of handle goes back to idle when I want to cut off engnines. It takes a few seconds before the handles goes back up, in the simulator. My physical handles does not move of course. Have tried all different ways and combinations to solve it, but out of ideas now. Any known solution? Two days ago I was finish building my steering tiller. I had no clue that Pete had constructed this function the way he did. I read about it last week in an article I found on the net. Now I can taxi the plane very comfortable and like a pro.( Had a lot of complaints from the crew and passengers for my poor quality of taxi to and from the runways! ) No more over-steering to right and left. GREAT! Thanks Pete for a well functioning program!
  5. spent hours trying to solve this problem. Assigned actions in FSUIPC still change, rudder becomes aileron, elevator or whatever. Getting tired of this simulator, so many years and so much struggle to make it work properly.
  6. Made several attempts to make the sim to work, but it does not. Can not be the BU0836X card, since pedals goes direct to USB port. Must be FSX itself.
  7. Suddenly one day I opened FSX, i get a lot of strange behaviors on my controllers. I have a B737 Throtle Q. using Leo B. cards. B737: Throttle 1 became rudder, throttle 2 had moved from send direct to fsuipc calibration to Send to FS as normal axis and throttle gone. Speed brake the same. Flaps became Left brake, right brake and rudder at same time :( Reverser 1 is now right brake, Rev. 2 disappeared. Beechcraft: Throttle jump back to idle, pedals jumps up and down, mixture control does not react, or it activates throttle and many many more strange behaviors. Checking controls in fsx and everything works fine there. I am very experienced with FSX and also the cards of leo b. but this is a new experience :) Yesterday I tried to assign std. contorls in FSX, but no action in the airplanes, even if it seem to work correct in FSX, like throttle, mixture yoke and buttons. Today I re assigned the B737 throttle quadrant, but still no action in cockpit. TQ works fine in FSUIPC, but not in cockpit. Throttle 1 jumps up to 3/4 speed and pedals is moving up and down. Need to use mouse to move T1 back to idle. The only thing works as before is aileron and elevator on the yoke. Any one with same experience? Maybe the software at BU0836X which is corrupt...again? Happen once before......... Ideas, suggestions, guessing? Morgan
  8. Reverse is now working well. Flaps not solved yet, but it will be :) Thanks Pete.
  9. Thanks a lot Pete, I have read your comments, and will give it a new try today. Good to receive some suggestions :) I have been looking and tried Button and switches, thats the first I started to use, but I am thinking different, like, when I want to assign Reverse, I expect to find reverse in fsx. When I want to assign Horn cutout, I expected to find that in FSX too. Guess it was to much to ask for from Gates guys. Will continue tonight again, will be a happy day when I get the plane of ground :-) Have a good week end, Pete.
  10. Hello Pete, thanks for your reply. I use PMDG B737-800 as test plane for this operation. I have now spend hours and hours trying to program this throttle, and have taken two steps forward, one back...or was it opposite ? :) Tonight at last some works, Spoilers works best, then throttles works fairly well, the handles in cockpit jumps a lot while move forward, revers turns on slightly for a short time. I would like to maneuver the reverse handles myself, since they are there....controlled with micro switch only, but have no clue how to program it. The flaps has two switches as well, one give signal when handle is moved backwards or forwards + one micro switch moves over 9 notches. Your program seem to be made for potmeter, so I do not get any signal from this switch. Any solution for this? Morgan Sweden
  11. Iv'e built myself a B737 TQ with all functions. I am not experienced in programming, but after trial and error, I have made a few to work, like throttle and spoiler :smile: I tried to program the CH yoke via FSUIPC, but gave up that one, so now I combine FS controls and FSUIPC. I know it all should be programmed only via FSUIPC, but can't..... Is there anyone who can give advice how to solve the following: 1. Start and cut engines, these buttons seem to work in the airplane, but the handles in the flightsim does not move. 2. A/T disable, where to assign them? 3. Auto take off and go around, where to assign? 4. Stab trim switches, where and how to assign them? 5. Flaps. Flaps has a micro switch which jump over notches for every step. How to program it? Have tried different ways, but no success.
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