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  1. Peter, I'm not sure. Maybe thats my problem all along! That I did not set them up right in windows. I really never gave it a second thought as I went straight to FSUIPC. I may have created this issue entirely myself without realizing it. I will try re-enabling the joysticks in windows & FSX and cal them in FSUIPC and see what the results are. The only thought I have is that I read somewhere that using the Saitek drivers for their throttle quadrant (which I have) was not recommended and it was best to assign and cal in FSUIPC whcih I did. I just figured I would do the rest their too. I will try a few things tonight and let you know. Your help and advice is very much appreciated. Mike
  2. When I calibrated it in windows it was fine no abnormalities seen in windows directly but when I ran FSX I saw it. Forgive me Peter as I am new to the in's and outs of FSUIPC but if I re-enable the joysicks in FSX and calibrate only the rudder in windows and then delete the command for the rudders in FSUIPC it will work? Meaning I can use a combo of both windows and FSUIPC to control my devices not one or the other. If thats the case I may be able to solve my problem "Hopefully" Mike
  3. Bob, Thanks for the tip. I tried it with it installed but no go and I am running Win 7 32 bit. Peter, I tried direct hookup to the PC but I am still having the same issues. I also re-installed FSUIPC just in case but I still have the problem. I also verified that I see the numbers change rapidly in both the axis assignments tab and under the joystick cal tab. And now its instantaneaous no delay. Guess I really messed something up. Just as an FYI you mentioned power supply before. I am runnig a Cosair 750W PS. If you have any other suggestions or want to look at any files let me know. Thanks Mike
  4. Peter, Thank for replying. Yes I see it in the axis assignment tab. Also the pedals are going into a USB hub (a 7 port) where I also have my goflight modules plugges into and I sometimes have issues with one of the modules. I will try putting it direct to the PC and let you know how it works out. Honestly I never thought about that possibly being the issue. Will find out later tonight when I get home! Thanks Mike
  5. Hi all, I am looking to enlist the aid from anyone who can help. I am seeing strange things with my rudder pedals. When I run FSX after a while (and sometimes on inital startup) the rudder starts acting crazy going back and forth rapidly. Originally I had CH pedals installed and saw the issue. Figuring my pedals were old and wanting a reason to upgrade I bought the new Saitek Cessna pedals. Unfortunatly I still have the same issue. I am currently running FSUIPC Ver 4.92 and have setup my pedals thru there (yes I ensured I disabled all joysticks in FSX). Went thru the setup and cal for all my stuff including the pedals yet I still have the issue. Whats really strange is the issue also shows up in FSUIPC itself . I see the rudder pedals changing rapidly on the numbers in both directions(-16000 to + 16000). I try to rescan but cant. My only fix right now is to reboot the PC when this happens and then I am good for a while. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Also if you need additional info to help me troubleshoot let me know. Thanks. Mike
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