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  1. Globally deactivating win7- "DEP" did it for me. First time was able to finish the testflight - even a return flight with a total of 8 hours. That only for information to other simers..
  2. Just turned off win7 "DEP"(Data Execution Prevention) and give it another try..
  3. Still have no solution for my regular "StackHash_e16f" CTD´s as described at initial post. Checked some different solutions or tried to find any errors. Sometimes after 30min, 1 hour or 2 hours that stackhash CTD accures. VAS is below 2,2 Gb. I have no idea what is causing that crashes after ASN was installed. Additional i installed Majestic DHD8 Update, but never loaded the plane into FSX since the update installation.
  4. So, now i am back at my previous configuration without Port 445 within simconnect files. Windows restore function gave me the chance to restore client´s computer to a two days old state.
  5. After this try (see above) i went back to my default files. So at FSX server computer i inserted my restored simconnect.XML. At Client computer i inserted my restored simconnect.cfg. Simconnect now does not work anymore. "AItraffic.exe" works at FSX Server computer, but not at Client computer. Cannot connect from Client to Server (planG/IvAp/ASN) What to do now??
  6. Hi Andydigital, i do not understand all the background - but i really do not want to know it. I simply want to fly using networked configuration :razz: . I am not really sure if anybody knows exactly how the configs should be look like. And if it did, i would be very happy someone can confirm a correct config. Ok, good to know that you do not use IvAp, so there is a difference between our basic config. I am still confused about your version that contrary to the IvAp/AS2012/ASN/FsMap- manuals there is no need to enter the ports as described. I think simconnect uses port 6810, right?
  7. Thanks, my first short test shows, that IvAp does not connect. All the other client computer programs seems to work. But what me makes perplex is that each user manuals (AS2012,(ASN), IvAp, FsMap) have a special section where simconnect network configuration is described. Every manual says that both, simconnect.XML (FSX server) and simconnect.cfg (client) has to be modified as per manual. So recently both files looks like my corrected previous versions. Additionally am wondering that FsMap manual advices "port 500" as well as Hifisim AS2012/ASN. Doesn´t same port 500 for two different client programs disturb?
  8. Many thanks, ok Andy. So my further actions are: Marked in red color below In the end there is only one simconnect.XML file left at FSX server computer and ASN,IvAp and PlanG will work in networked configuration? Only for my clarification. Again, i can get real aircrafts flying but not connecting two FSX computers for networked operation. Sorry for that, it is not my domain :???:
  9. Additional here is the rest of my present Network configuration to make sure my modification i now will carry out are correct and complete: FSX Server simconnect.XML path: C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX \SimConnect.xml - This will now get your modified version of my current one <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document Type="SimConnect" version="1,0"> <Descr>SimConnect</Descr> <Filename>SimConnect.xml</Filename> <SimConnect.Comm> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Protocol>IPv4</Protocol> <Scope>global</Scope> <Address>my FSX server adress</Address> <MaxClients>64</MaxClients> <Port>4506</Port> <MaxRecvSize>4096</MaxRecvSize> <DisableNagle>False</DisableNagle> </SimConnect.Comm> <SimConnect.Comm> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Protocol>Auto</Protocol> <Scope>local</Scope> </SimConnect.Comm> </SimBase.Document> simconnect.ini path: C:\Users\[user]\Documents\Flight Simulator X-Files\ [simConnect] level=verbose console=0 ;RedirectStdOutToConsole=1 ;OutputDebugString=1 ;file=c:\simconnect%03u.log ;file_next_index=0 ;file_max_index=9 FSX client computer simconnect.cfg path: C:\Users\[user]\Documents [simConnect] Protocol=IPv4 Address=my FSX server adress Port=500 MaxReceiveSize=4096 DisableNagle=0 [simConnect.1] Protocol=IPv4 Address=my FSX server adress Port=6811 MaxReceiveSize=4096 DisableNagle=0 [simConnect.2] Protocol=IPv4 Address=my FSX server adress Port=4506 MaxReceiveSize=4096 DisableNagle=0 Additional simconnect file at client in IvAp program folder: simconnect.cfg path: C:\Program Files (x86)\IVAO\IvAp v2 -> without entering my FSX server adress, IvApV2 does not connect online at clients computer [simConnect] Protocol=IPv4 Address=my FSX server adress Port=6811 MaxReceiveSize=4096 DisableNagle=0 Could you please confirm/correct that everthing is placed where it should be? Kind regards
  10. Hi Andydigital, nice to get this information. Questions: 1.: It seems your only port is 4506 that means PlanG. And all the other ports? ASN -> 500, IvAp -> 6811 ? Do you also use these addons in networked computer configuration?
  11. Hi Andydigital, did i missunderstood your post or what do you mean? I use networked computer configuration and the ports within simconnect.XML are different ones. Did i something wrong? How should it be instead of my solution? Kind regards
  12. Hi Andydigital, the faulty entry was my manually inserted port 445 that collides with AS_Connect. It was a wrong interpretation of the ASN manual instructions. All the other simconnect.XML entrys at my FSX server computer are ok.To remember i excluded nearly all possible programs to my client computer. This is my "general" simconnect.XML located in the same folder as FSX.cfg is located. -Port 500 for AS2012 or/and ASN -Port 6811 is IVAO IvAp -Port 4506 is PlanG Each of this excluded programms own simconnect file within its program folder is also edited manually inserting my FSX server adress. Worked since years without bigger issues.
  13. Hi Pete, have a nice holiday . @all At my tests i did exactly the same flight several times to find a solution, now the flight was without any issue for the first time. I did two things: - Installed Pete´s new FSUIPC.dll (4927e) - Deleted the quoted section of my "simconnect.XML" on FSX server computer. It seems that was my fault entering an additional port (445) for using Hifisim ASN. Hifisim documentation informed about that port but there is no need to modify any simconnect.XML if prior AS2012 was installed using port 500. I think one of these things did it.
  14. I have my knowlage in real aviation, not in computers, sorry. Beside the crash reports, do you see any error sources/wrong/missing entries at my attached log files, FSUIPC.ini ? Is eyerything ok?
  15. Thanks for reply Pete, ok. But be so kind and confirm that my reports and posted files are free of any error sources. Thanks
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