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  1. Read that user guide several times, and didn't seem to find the answers to my question. Will look at it again tonight when I get home.
  2. On the axis calibration screen , to the left of the set buttons, there are two boxes labeled In and Out. What is the actual purposes of the numbers in these boxes and what do they affect? The other question is, when calibrating an axis, let's say the joystick in one position reads +16,000 and the opposite reading is -16,000 . Now I move it to center, and sometimes it will not read zero when hitting the center set button. Also, below that center set button, there is another box, and if you hit the set button again, that number in the lower box changes. I am not quite sure if both center boxes should both read zero, or if I have a problem if they don't. Bob
  3. Pete, I followed your advice and disabled controls in P3D, reset up everything in FSUIPC, and now all is well, the copter and my aircraft are working fine with no problems. Thanks.....
  4. Ok, something you mentioned, I do have controllers still enabled in P3D, since one of the A2A controller config assignments will only work with it enabled. That may be the problem. I will disable that and give it another try. I will update FSUIPC, although I thought I just did that a couple of weeks ago.
  5. I purchased a Milviz 407 copter yesterday, installed it, and ran the configurator that sets up a control for trimming the copter when flying, using a joystick button to trigger this action. Anyway, after I did this, I went back to my A2A constellation aircraft, and a few of my FSUIPC settings had been changed. I am running the elevator axis and some switch positions, and these got scrambled up. The first thing I did was to use a back up FSUIPC .ini that I keep updated on a backup drive, but this didn't fix the corrupted settings, so I had to redo the settings one by one in FSuipc. Today I ran the Milviz config program again, and the same thing happened. It actually coupled one of my joystick elevator settings to the throttle, and again disabled some switches I use for prop adjustment in the Connie. I decided to unistall the Milviz 407 and place it in the digital trash bin after this happened the third time. Now , the reason for my post is, why doesn't the backup ini file keep all the correct settings, so that I would be able to just delete the new file and use the backup ini, and everything would be back to normal? I was under the impression that all the settings for FSUIPC are stored in the ini. I will include the ini that I just set with everything working correctly. Not looking for a fix, just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong. Thanks, Bob bobsk8 FSUIPC4.ini FSUIPC4.log
  6. I see in the aircraft folder for MT 6 there are Cessnas listed, but I never see any flying. I see many Cherokee 180s, but not one cessna 172 or 150. Is there something I can do to see some activity with the cessna aircraft?
  7. Did a search on this topic, but couldn't find much, so posting this question. I started using PF3 which has a nice feature, using AI traffic to generate ATC chatter in the program. What I have noticed, since I am now flying only GA aircraft, and have been using GA AI only, is that I get almost zero chatter. If I turn on some airline traffic in MT 6, then I get AI chatter through PF3. Now I go to an airport, that I live near, KPDK, which has a great deal of GA traffic in real life, and I see static aircraft from MT6, but none of them are active on the airport. So if they aren't active, then of course there is no communication on tower, clearance, or ground radio freqs. My question is twofold, the first part asking, do you experience a similar situation with GA lack of activity at Airports with MT6? The second part of the question, is , if anyone uses PF3, do you find that almost all the chatter is from airliners, versus chatter from GA AI?
  8. Been using MT6 for well over a year. Traffic is fine for airlines, but lately I have been flying GA aircraft so I have elected to use GA only in MT6. I have a ATC program that uses AI chatter, and I don't hear anything when I select GA only. I get plenty of static aircraft at airports like KPDK or KFLL, which in real life are very busy GA airports, but I hardly see an active GA at that airport. Is there a reason for this?
  9. I too see very little GA traffic movement on the ground with P3D Version 3 and GA traffic set at 25%
  10. I have a program called Precipitx which adds effects like contrails, wheel effects, brake smoke, vapor trail, etc, This program adds to the aircraft.cfg of each aircraft in simobjects and also to the aircraft in My Traffic 6 folder when you run in the installer, automatically. Below is an example of an entry into one of the Airbus MT6 cfg files. [EFFECTS] wake=fx_wake water=fx_spray dirt=fx_tchdrt concrete=fx_sparks //(Disabled by FSFX_PFX_Effect)touchdown=fx_tchdwn, 1 touchdown = fsfx_PFX_5451754250764F397544796D3272546754336958544C5A414562734555613368 //FSFX_PFX_Effect contrail = fsfx_PFX_3263496B6372304972726C58476F30724A6E6642493438546C5369687130724B //FSFX_PFX_Effect vaportrail_l = fsfx_PFX_34674C5337767A6562726E38486D6958794975646E594E357576646268717151 //FSFX_PFX_Effect vaportrail_r = fsfx_PFX_34674C5337767A6562726E38486D6958794975646E594E357576646268717151 //FSFX_PFX_Effect SnowEngineWash = fsfx_PFX_3263496B6372304972726D3730684D4C74476972496C62414973497447333165 //FSFX_PFX_Effect WetEngineWash = fsfx_PFX_3263496B6372304972726B7A6C552B3438463674612F5544396C754D5A516C55 //FSFX_PFX_Effect WheelSnowSpray = fsfx_PFX_77755038474E6775336E5979767345506C38564553346F68304B333832395476 //FSFX_PFX_Effect WheelWetSpray = fsfx_PFX_77755038474E6775336E61444251543245683042306545366578725A326A6E6A //FSFX_PFX_Effect SkidPavement = fsfx_PFX_77755038474E6775336E5A6C3231714C4F656D4E4E48576F4544356C6F36676F //FSFX_PFX_Effect Now the only time this is added, is if the particular aircraft has [effects] in each particular aircraft cfg file. In the example I posted, this is one of the Airbus My Traffic AI aircraft, which has the [effect] entry . Now I notice that many of the Boeing aircraft, like B738 do not have [effects] in the B738.cfg file. When I run the installer, no effects are added because [effects] is missing in the Boeing aircraft cfg's, at least the aircraft I have looked at. When I manually add [effects] to that cfg file and then run the Precipitfx program, it installs all these effects as shown above. Now my question is, if I go through the Boeing cfg's and manually add the [effects] and run Preciptfx, and the effects as shown above are added, do you think this may cause a problem with My Traffic AI working properly?
  11. Installed this program today in P3D version 3.2. with My Traffic 6. It sounds fantastic. :razz:
  12. I was using P3D version 3.0 and 3.1 when I was getting these crashes if that has any bearing on the issue. I am now on version 3.2, and still have not had a crash.
  13. Renaming My Trafficmil.bgl to Mytrafficmil.bgl.passive has totally solved my NTTdll.dll crashes of P3D.
  14. I was using Pro ATC to generate a flight plan from LIML airport, and found out that the My Traffic BGL for that airport has a 36L and 36 R runway, which is not what the airport in either real life or in P3D has. I had to deactivate the My traffic Bgl for that airport in order to have Pro ATC work properly on departure using the 36-18 runway. Is there any way that this BGL can be redone?
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