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  1. Thanks for thinking with me. My work-around is to call the control twice, once with parameter 1 and once with parameter 5. This looks weird but it does not seem to have any negative effect. Emile.
  2. Hi, I can increase/decrease the barometric pressure in my Lua scripts by using controls 65883 and 65884 with parameter 1. However, in aircraft with a G1000, this control requires a parameter value 5. Is there a generic way to use these controls? If not, I can use either 1 or 5 as parameter but then I need to know if a G1000 is present in the plane. Is there a way to find that out? Thanks, -Emile.
  3. It works for me in 7.0.8. Make sure you have the most recent version of FSUIPC because I remember there was a problem with earlier versions and ensure you write in BCD. -Emile.
  4. Hi, I can confirm that the following offsets work correctly in FSUIPC 7.0.7, MSFS 0x0BEC gear center position 0x0BF0 gear right position 0x0BF4 gear left position 0x0B46 transponder mode 0x0354 transponder code 0x034C ADF frequency main 0x0356 ADF frequency extension 0x311E NAV1 standby frequency 0x0350 NAV1 active frequency 0x3120 NAV2 standby frequency 0x0352 NAV2 active frequency 0x3122 radio audio, although the documentation in offsetStatus-v016.odt is a bit confusing. The Offset Status pdf is accurate. Furthermore, there is a noticable delay between in-game toggle and
  5. I think I could narrow it down a bit: it is related to a script that uses the lua com library for serial communication over COM ports. If I kill that script, FSUIPC hangs. My way of working is now that I only start and kill the script under development (not the com-using script) and that works fine. -Emile.
  6. Because if I try to be as complete as possible in my description and also give a work-around you just state that I should use that workaround. I don't feel taken seriously that way. It used to be that Lua scripts are terminated if they were already running. That is even documented behaviour, see lua plugins.pdf: By the way, also if I close FSUIPC using the Exit command from the File menu I get a not-responding, maybe because there is a Lua script running? -Emile.
  7. I just wanted to let you know what is going on so that you can improve the product and tell others reading the forum how to workaround issues. It is clear that there are many issues with FSUIPC7, it is not as stable as FSUIPC3 and FSUIPC4, based on my experiences. I will keep other annoyances and workarounds to myself. -Emile.
  8. Hi, I have an ipcReady.lua scripts that starts several scripts: ipc.macro("Lua ga_c172") ipc.macro("Lua throttle") ipc.macro("Lua pedestal") When I make a change to one of the scripts, I restart them with the command Lua ipcReady.lua that is bound to one of my keyboard keys. However, when I press that key to restart, the FSUIPC7 program shows "not responding" in the title bar and I have to kill it through the TaskManager to proceed. First a LuaKillAll and then restarting the scripts works fine. Regards, -Emile.
  9. Hi John, I tested 7.0.5d using a Lua script on the Asobo C172 and it works exactly as you described, reading and writing. Thanks. However. The fact that the offset does not reflect the actual plane state does not help me. Now it only indicates my last action and I could keep that information just as easily in my Lua script. I understand that because of the missing Sim variable the solution is not possible without SDK extension. Would it help if I put in a request to the MSFS Zendesk to ask for such a Sim variable? If you decide to keep the offset then please document clearl
  10. I would appreciate that and I can test it for you. -Emile.
  11. Thanks for the info, but I would also need an offset to read the switch state in my lua script. Regards, -Emile.
  12. I can confirm that the following offsets work correctly for both reading and writing, in addition to the list in offsetStatus-v0.14.ods. Tested on the Asobo C172. 0x0BC8, parking brake 0x0892, starter switch engine 1 0x3101, alternator 0x3102, master battery 0x3103, avionics master. This seems to control both Bus 1 and Bus 2 avionics. I have not found a way to control them independently. 0x3104, fuel pump 0x029B, alternate static air source 0x0AF8, fuel tank selector 1 0x02
  13. Hi John, After hours of fiddling with different socket distributions and dll replacing, I got it to work. In the end the solution turned out to be blatantly simple: put the socket.lua from the LuaSocket project for Lua 5.1 in the FSUIPC7/lua folder. That's all! The only reason I think this can work is that after the long discussion you referred to, Pete linked the socket core library into FSUIPC. I don't see how this could work otherwise. Anyway, it would be good if someone could verify this solution to see that indeed I do not have some hidden dependency on my system after all the fiddli
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